Review: SyFy’s Face Off Season 2 Finale – All Class Act! Season 3 Returns This Summer!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:895:]]Tonight saw the season finale of SyFy’s hit reality makeup and special effects show, Face Off.

One contestant’s life was changed as he was awarded the grand prize — $100,000 in cold hard cash, $25,000 in makeup from Alcone, and a brand new 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid.


The show overall is a consistent winner, with ratings on the rise and a Season 3 already green lit, which returns this Summer.

And there really is no wonder as to why that is, as Face Off is all — class act!

What other reality show has their losing contestants come back — and want to help — the finalists? What other reality show has judges that offer constant support and advice? You never see melodramatic nonsense with this show!

You know why?

Because the show is not centered on the “personalities” of the contestants, but more so on the special effects and makeup aspects. It’s quite fascinating to get a look “behind the scenes” as to all that goes into getting your favorite creature effects to light.

True, at times, some of the contestants did butt heads, but as we saw with tonight’s finale, each and every one of them had each other’s back. Everyone was grateful to be there, and everyone was excited for their fellow “brother” or “sister.”

And the show all comes together with the host, McKenzie Westmore, the gorgeous daughter of famed makeup artist, Michael Westmore.


Westmore has a commanding presence as she directs the show from start to finish. Her having grown up around the industry is evident as she comes off as a natural when discussing the contestants’ creations with various special guest stars as well as the judges.  

Speaking of the judges, Glenn HetrickVe Neill and Patrick Tatopoulos, are at the top of their league. Easily they could try to pull a goofy “Simon Cowell,” but everything here was all professional, which only added to the “character” of the show.

Hats of to SyFy for keeping it classy!

Now let’s get on to a quick recap of the episode…

Rayce, Ian and RJ are the three finalists, and they must choose a genre where three models will be outfitted to perform a dance routine. Rayce chooses Sci-Fi, RJ gets Fantasy and Ian is left with horror — much to his dismay.

To help them with their special effect creations, they are surprised by the news that the losing contestants, their friends, will aid them in their designs, and each finalist goes on to choose their team.

From there, we get a small bit of drama as each of the contestants is complaining about time, RJ has trouble deciding on a creation, and Ian’s Luciferian hands do not come out well.

As the contest progresses, the special guest for the finale arrives — it’s Michael Westmore! He offers each some advice, and comments on the creations as well. 

It’s coming down to the final look and the contestants are off to the theater. This time, they will do their finish-work in a real movie trailer, which excites the bunch.

Now we are on to the grand finale!

Each of the creations is introduced: Ian’s Lucifer with two chained demons, RJ’s Phoenix Rising, and Rayce’s Sci-Fi “light to dark” creation.

Oh, there is a packed house who will be voting on their favorites — which may influence the judges final outcome!

The dance routine is on and it’s fabulous!

It’s now time for the audience to vote, with Rayce being their favorite, they leave, and the judges are left to take a closer look.

They have only positive things to say, even with Rayce’s dancers’ makeup coming off and ripping a bit. 

However, that didn’t seem to affect the judge’s decision — as Rayce is the winner! 

I thought Rayce clearly deserved it, as he was the most consistent throughout the season and his designs were just jaw-droppingly stunning. Ian was a close second, but needs a little maturing, IMO. Regarding RJ, what he does is clearly good, but he does seem to have a certain flamboyant style — which is not a bad thing — but seems at times sort of one dimensional.

That wraps up Season 2 for Face Off.

Congrats to Rayce! Well deserved!