Supergirl In Doubt? Actress Refuses To Read For James Gunn

Follows the news that DC is a mess, with Jeff Sneider adding more and Grace Randolph chiming in.

Supergirl In Doubt? Actress Refuses To Read For James Gunn

Is something brewing at DC with James Gunn as following up on last week’s news the DCU is a mess, now there is doubt the Supergirl movie will happen, with it also said an actress refused to audition for James Gunn.

Recently saw the news that Meg Donnelly and Milly Alcock are up for the role to play Supergirl and that the character will first appear in Superman: Legacy prior to the solo Supergirl film.

Update: Milly Alcock has been cast as Supergirl and it’s said her movie may start to film as early as this fall if a director is found.

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“DC’s kind of a mess”

Last week Jeff Sneider told John Rocha, “I’ll tell you that’s something that hasn’t really been reported yet and I just heard vague whispers, but like, okay, your DC’s kind of a mess, too.”

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Supergirl movie not happening?

In a recent Q&A held on Thursday, YouTuber Grace Randolph told her audience of nearly a million subscribers that she doubts the Supergirl movie will even happen.

A fan asked her thoughts on the recent news that Meg Donnelly and Milly Alcock are up for the role.

Randolph responded, “I wouldn’t be surprised if that Supergirl movie never happens to be honest with you but let’s see.”

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“DC curse” – “horrible problem”

Grace also warned the actresses that they should keep in mind that Supergirl might not happen, as sounding similar to what Sneider said above about DC being a mess, Randolph also says DC hasn’t had the best track record.

I think that both of them should keep that in mind,” said Randolph. “I still believe there’s a DC curse. I do not feel it’s lifted yet. Let’s see, so far anyone who’s attached their their career to it has had a horrible problem.” 

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“She refused to read”

Regarding the actress refusing to audition for James Gunn, that info also comes from Jeff Sneider.

In THR’s report about Milly Alcock and Meg Donnelly screen testing for the role where it is stated “DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran were present,” the site reported that both Emilia Jones and Cailee Spaeny are out of contention but made no mention of either actress not reading for the role.

According to Sneider on the latest episode of The Hot Mic, Emilia Jones refused to read.

While also discussing the potential of Milly Alcock and Meg Donnelly as the new Supergirl, Rocha mentioned they moved past Emilia Jones.

“Emilia Jones, Emilia Jones didn’t read,” interjected Sneider. “I’m told she refused to read.”

Rocha laughed and questioned if he knew anything more, but Sneider said, “no idea,” and he didn’t know the reason why.

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What happens to the DCU if Warner Bros. Discovery is sold?

Worth a mention, and as I went over last week, is that my own insiders have said David Zaslav is prepping a sale to Comcast/Universal, which THR again confirms for the second time is a possibility in its latest report about how Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts recently hinted at acquiring something big.

So if Comcast buys Warner Bros. Discovery in the next couple of years, what happens to James Gunn’s DCU?

And for the record, years ago when I said Gunn was going to be involved in the DC reboot, my insiders told me Warner Bros. loves Gunn.

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