James Gunn DCU ‘A Mess’ Claims Insider

It's claimed that James Gunn and Peter Safran may have too much on their plates.

It's claimed that James Gunn and Peter Safran may have too much on their plates.

james gunn dcu mess

Well, Marvel is a big mess. Star Wars is a big mess. So don’t be surprised that now it is claimed the new James DCU is a big mess, and of course, Zack Snyder’s DCEU was a big mess.

Last January saw the big announcement about James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over the DC films and TV universe. Five movie projects and five television projects were announced which includes James Gunn writing and developing Superman: Legacy due out July 11, 2025.

The announcement was made amid the DCEU ending which saw releases for Shazam: Fury of the Gods, The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, all of which have bombed big time with fans and at the box office.

Update: Sneider also says an actress refused to read for Supergirl, and Grace Randolph says she doubts the Supergirl movie will happen and warns the actresses.

Update #2: Egyptian-American comedian Bassem Youssef says he was cut from Superman: Legacy because of his politics and that the script was rewritten.

Jason Momoa Lobo fan art

Keeping some actors and roles

It’s also known Gunn is keeping certain actors from the DCEU either in the same roles (Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, John Cena as Peacemaker, Xolo Maridueña as Blue Beetle) or possibly in new roles (Jason Momoa as Lobo) with it to be determined how it all fits (Gunn said things will make sense and be explained).

Matt Reeves The Batman set with Robert Pattinson
Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson filming The Batman

Matt Reeves a part of the DCU

Recently also saw the news that Matt Reeves is involved with the DCU with his Arkham series (just as my insiders said), which won’t be a part of his The Batman universe featuring Robert Pattinson.

When questioned, Gunn made it sound as if he had no control over Matt Reeves joining the DCU and that Reeves had been grandfathered in (according to what I have been told, Matt Reeves was up to take over DC back in the day but Nolan chose Zack Snyder, and also I was told Gunn, Reeves and Abrams are involved in the DC reboot).

james gunn batman
Via DC Comics

James Gunn developing his own Batman

To add to that, Gunn is also going with a new version of Batman in his DCU, again which won’t be connected to the Reeves Verse or even the Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix Joker, which is also separate from everything else.

Still following? Because we’re not done yet.

james gunn superman legacy scouting
Scouting for Superman: Legacy

Warner Bros. Discovery getting sold

So as Gunn is building his new DCU, there are also talks that Warner Bros. Discovery could be sold to Comcast/Universal within the next couple of years.

How is that going to impact Gunn’s DCU? Will Universal continue Gunn’s DCU? Or is Zaslav simply having Gunn build a new DC movie universe to make Warner Bros. Discovery look better in the eyes of potential buyers?

According to recent reports, Warner Bros. Discovery merging with Paramount isn’t happening and likely was a ploy by Zaslav to get potential buyers off their butts. I’ve also been told that when WBD is sold, Zaslav hopes Universal breaks up WBD and lets him retain control of Discovery, so again, claims Zaslav wants to take over Paramount and be in charge of everything could be exaggerated.

james gunn dcu architects
DCU Architects

What is said about James Gunn’s DCU?

Now on to the claims that James Gunn’s DCU is a mess.

The info comes from Jeff Sneider via The Hot Mic who says that DC is kind of a mess while discussing that both Marvel and Star Wars are a big mess.

“I’ll tell you that’s something that hasn’t really been reported yet and I just heard vague whispers, but like, okay, your DC’s kind of a mess, too,” Sneider told John Rocha.

Rocha questioned, ” The James Gunn DC Verse? You’re saying you’re already hearing is a bit of a mess?”

“Yeah, I am,” laughed Sneider. “A little bit. A little bit.”

Sneider continued, “There’s a billion projects to do up there and it’s like seemingly one guy with his hand in all of them. I mean he’s got two hands. I mean this is like beyond Feige.”

Rocha says Feige didn’t start out right away with so many projects and that Gunn has like five or ten projects and questions if that what Sneider is sensing.

“Yeah, a little bit,” responded Sneider. “I just don’t know how you run a studio and direct a movie at the same time. You don’t see Donna Langley [Chairman of Universal Pictures] directing movies, and I get that DC is not Universal Pictures but like… it’s him and Peter up there and they have a lot. They have their work cut out for them.”

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