Solo Wolverine Rumored Before Joining MCU X-Men

Lots of rumors surround the muties and Feige's Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Lots of rumors surround the muties and Feige's Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Solo Wolverine Rumored Before Joining MCU X-Men

It’s claimed Kevin Feige will be going with a solo Wolverine in the MCU prior to joining the X-Men.

Recently saw it announced that an X-Men movie is in development; however, it has been rumored Wolverine won’t be a part of the team.

Rumors have also offered fans might not be excited and like what Feige plans for the mutants in the MCU as well.

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What do the Wolverine rumors say?

Recent rumors come via the CanWeGetSomeToast Twitter account which claims Wolverine won’t be a part of the X-Men.

“The current idea to reboot the X-Men in the MCU does NOT feature Wolverine on the team…” posted the account last week. “There’s a reason why Marvel is starting to push the X-Men so hard across all mediums, and will continue to push them until they’re on the big screen.”

The idea that arguably Marvel’s most popular character only behind Spider-Man won’t be in X-Men has some fans upset, but worth a mention is that Wolverine wasn’t a part of the X-Men until 1975, 12 years after the X-Men first debuted in the comics.

A fan replied to the tweet and pointed out, “He is not an original member. Sounds fine. They find him.”

CanWeGetSomeToast agreed, “Exactly. The Weapon X program has to be formed before Wolverine joins the team, and Adamantium JUST appeared in the MCU. It honestly might be a while before Logan joins up with the X-Men.”

The bonus that Wolverine might not be a part of the X-Men for fans is that instead of getting Wolverine AND the X-Men in one project, likely there will be separate projects featuring both, so separate Wolverine projects and X-Men movies.

Obviously, eventually down the road, the two will meet up in the MCU.

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Wolverine vs Hulk rumors

There have also been rumors that Feige might be adapting the comic book origin of Wolverine who first appeared in The Incredible Hulk comics.

Recent rumors actually offer the goofy Mark Ruffalo Smart Hulk is getting the boot and that Savage Hulk will return to the MCU.

If that is the case, perhaps Savage Hulk leaves the Avengers and for a time goes into the Canadian wilderness and encounters Wolverine like in the comics.

Rumors also offer that Feige might even be going with the Immortal Hulk version which is a more horrific take on the character.

Mark Ruffalo has also pitched Feige Hulk vs Wolverine.

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Hugh Jackman MCU’s Wolverine through Secret Wars

With Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, further rumors offer Jackman will be the MCU’s Wolverine up through Avengers: Secret Wars, while other rumors and speculation offer the MCU’s Wolverine might actually first appear in Deadpool 3.

Years ago following Disney purchasing Fox and getting the rights to Wolverine and the X-Men, it was reported by THR that Marvel was excited to recast Wolverine and bring the character into the MCU fold, so it’s probably safe to assume Marvel has had ideas for a long time.

Regarding it said Marvel is pushing the X-Men in other mediums, the X-Men ’97 series is coming to the Disney+ streaming service and a Wolverine PS5 game is in development for the PS5.

Both She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel have also teased mutant connections.

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