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Shazam Movie Casting Should Be Announced Soon (Video)

Shazam Movie Casting Should Be Announced Soon (Video)

It’s learned casting for the Shazam movie should be announced soon!

Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sanberg and asked for an update on Shazam.

Sandberg offered the tone of Shazam is “a very fun movie. Like a fun, light-hearted movie because it’s about a kid who gets to become an adult superhero. That is going to be just so fun to explore.”

Sandberg also said he is new to the character of Shazam, as Shazam wasn’t well known in his home country of Sweden.

“To be honest, it was not a superhero I grew up with, either. When I grew up in Sweden, there was not a lot of Shazam around,” Sandber said. “So Shazam is who I’ve learned to love later in life as well. I can relate to that, to being new to Shazam, which might be a good thing that I’m doing it because I know what you need to learn.”

David F. Sandberg also smiled and said “soon hopefully” when asked about casting news.

And for the record, that Shazam vs. Superman script he tweeted out earlier wasn’t legit.

“Some people did think it was 100% legit–yeah, I’ve lost all faith in humanity [laughs],” Sandberg offered. 

Current fan-favorites to play Shazam are Alan Ritchson and Armie Hammer.

Watch the video for more with David F. Sandberg on Shazam: