Zachary Levi Thinks Jason Momoa Is Not Lobo: Responds To Sean Gunn Casting

Watch the video going viral on Twitter where the actor is asked about playing another character in the DCU.

Jason Momoa Not Lobo Thinks Zachary Levi; Responds To Sean Gunn Casting

Currently trending on Twitter is the video of Zachary Levi being interviewed and asked about the DCU where the former(?) Shazam actor mentions Jason Momoa, Lobo, James Gunn, and Sean Gunn, and even Green Lantern.

In the video below, asks Levi if he would be interested in playing a different character than Shazam as the DCU is a new universe. Levi seems caught a bit off guard by the question. The interviewer remarks Jason Lobo is said to be playing a different character than Aquaman and also that Sean Gunn is playing numerous DC characters.

Zachary Levi first remarks about Sean Gunn getting cast in another role.

“When you’re the brother of the guy who runs DC, I guess you get to play who you want,” Levi said.

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Is Jason Momoa playing Lobo?

Regarding Jason Momoa, it’s heavily speculated Momoa will be playing Lobo, as Momoa has teased he is sticking around the DCU, and all the scoopers say it’s a done deal. However, Zachary Levi says he doesn’t think Momoa is playing Lobo.

“As far as Jason, though, are you referring to Lobo? The only character I’ve heard rumored was that Jason really wanted to play Lobo but I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t know. Maybe he will,” said Levi.

Levi also said he is really proud of both his Shazam! movies and said there haven’t been any talks for more and later added, “I would love to be able to do more iterations of it. I would love to collaborate with Nathan Fillion’s Green Lantern.”

Watch the video:


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