‘Save Spider-Man’ Bot-Army Attacking Sony From Disney?


Things are getting ugly surrounding talks having fallen apart regarding Spider-Man with the latest being that it is claimed Disney has created a bot-army on Twitter to attack Sony.

Following Sony publicly blasting Disney, Marvel and Kevin Feige, now it is claimed Disney has responded by creating a bot-army aimed at Sony.

Dataracer on Twitter has put together tweets from different Twitter accounts that all say the same thing. It could be possible that Disney or someone else has created a fake bot-army to sway user opinions on Twitter in favor of Disney Marvel and against Sony and to get the #SaveSpiderMan hashtag trending.

“Disney demanded Sony give them a 50/50 deal for Spiderman. Sony wanted to keep the current agreement, & went public about it. Disney has launched a bot army to attack Sony tonight using #SaveSpiderman,” Dataracer tweeted with screenshots as evidence. “Tons of identical tweets coming from crooked ‘Disney Ops.'” (see below)

The identical tweets read: “Tony Stark did travel back in time to get the infinity stones just so Sony could f-ck it up by taking Spider Man out of the mcu. U CANT JUST TAKE TOM HOLLAND AFTER WE’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH HIM.”

As noted, the tweets also include the #SaveSpiderMan hashtag which has been trending in the United States for at least the past couple of hours.

Spider-Man Marvel Sony

Spider-Man leaving Marvel and the MCU

Earlier saw it reported that Spider-Man will be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to a new deal not being able to be made between Disney and Sony.

It was reported that Sony wants to keep their current deal with Disney, but that Disney wants a new deal where they get 50% of the profits.

Sony turned that deal down, with Disney not agreeing to the old deal, leading to the present situation which sees Spider-Man back at Marvel and no longer attached to the MCU and the Avengers.

Regarding Tom Holland, he still has two more movies on his contract and can still appear in the Sony versions of the films.

Talks are said to still be ongoing, so hopefully, everything gets worked out.

Sony and Marvel came to their initial MCU deal which saw Tom Holland star in Captain America: Civil War, followed by Spider-Man: Homecoming, appearances in Infinity War and The Avengers: Endgame, with the recent Far From Home movie having passed a billion dollars at the box office and becoming Sony’s all-time highest grossing box office flick having passed James Bond Skyfall.

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