‘Save Spider-Man’ Trending On Twitter


With the news that Spider-Man will be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now fans have taken to social media with “Save Spider-Man” currently trending on Twitter.

The #SaveSpiderMan hashtag is currently tending in the United States as MCU fans voice their opinions about keeping Spider-Man at Marvel.

Earlier saw Avengers actor Jeremy Renner offer his two sense when he posted on Instagram that Spider-Man should stay with Marvel as well.

Sony also released a public statement seemingly placing the blame on Kevin Feige, Disney and Marvel.

Regarding what went down, long story short (full details here), Disney and Sony couldn’t come to an agreement over a new deal for keeping Spider-Man in the MCU, which of course, is all about money.

Check out the “Save Spider-Man” posts and reactions below with the current top post offering that no one is going to see Venom 2 and that unless Sony returns Spider-Man to Marvel, Disney will buy them out.

Update: It is claimed that the #SaveSpiderMan hashtag is created by a fake bot army.

Save Spider-Man Marvel

Fans want to “Save Spider-Man” at Marvel #SaveSpiderMan