Nova: Kevin Feige Rumored To Ruin Richard Rider


This is something that I was afraid was going to happen, that Kevin Feige is going to ruin Nova, which according to this recent rumor looks to be the case.

We all know Kevin Feige is ruining the Marvel characters with his politically correct approach to Phase 4 (can’t have “men” in X-Men), and Feige has also apparently passed on Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 pitch.

We also know that Feige ruined the Hulk in Avengers: Endgame as well as Thor.

And we know Feige ruined all the Guardians of the Galaxy characters by letting James Gunn go with his goofy parodic approach to the characters (as Gunn does with all his movies).

Speaking of James Gunn, Gunn changed all the Marvel Cosmic characters’ origins to make them aliens – and not humans – and it is even rumored Gunn will make Star-Lord a complete alien in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 as it is now speculated Star-Lord’s mom on Earth was an alien and that she wasn’t human at all (possibly Eternity or even Infinity).

Nova Marvel

Nova MCU rumors:

Regarding Nova, the new rumor offers that Kevin Feige might also make Richard Rider an alien in the MCU.

Yep, not a kid from Long Island, but another goofy alien à la James Gunn.

It may also mean that Feige will ditch Rich’s family including his brother Robbie who is prominent in the comics as well as his mom and dad.

According to the rumor, which is from Mikey Sutton via the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, the tentative title of the Nova movie is “Nova: The Human Rocket.”

It’s said no directors or screenwriters are attached to the project as of yet, so everything is considered early development.

It’s claimed the Nova movie will not be an origin story as Richard Rider will already be Nova at the beginning of the film training with Nick Fury and SWORD (cringe).

It’s said discussions have taken place how Nova will be different than the MCU’s other “youthful” male superhero, Peter Parker, Spider-Man.

It’s said in the MCU, Richard Rider will be a “stranger in a strange land, essentially an alien on Earth.”

It’s said: “Richard Rider lost his family due to Thanos and will need to adapt to life on another planet with super-powered new friends.”

Marvel Nova Richard Rider Annihilation

Nova: Another goofy MCU alien

So if the rumor is legit, it sounds as if Richard Rider will be a Xandarian who watched his planet, Xandar, get destroyed (at the start of The Avengers: Infinity War).

Richard Rider is then the last Xandarian (they look like humans) who is the last Nova who gets the Nova Force etc. (similar to Annihilation) and ends up teaming with Nick Fury, SWORD and rumored Captain Marvel (even more cringe).

Obviously, the MCU is catered to a mindless zombie fanbase who knows nothing about the comics, but Richard Rider coming off as an alien is a big-time disappointment.

I’ve always felt the Marvel Cosmic Earth characters were more relatable, but for whatever reason, Feige feels his MCU fanbase can’t handle humans in space.

Again, assuming this rumor is legit, what’s the problem if Richard Rider is a kid from Long Island?

If they are skipping the origin story, it won’t look anything like Spider-Man.

With Richard Rider a goofy alien in the MCU, I am also guessing James Gunn is going to use the alien space lesbian Quasar for his goofy Guardians of the Galaxy 3 movie (that way Gunn can “look good” for all his goofy Hollywood buddies by using an LGBTQ character; ditto for Feige).

Honestly, I would just rather not have these characters appear in the MCU if they are going to be changed so drastically and get ruined.

#RIPMarvelCosmic (wouldn’t be the first time).

Nova we will never forget

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