MCU’s ‘X-Men’ Movie Has ‘Hunger Games’ Writer Michael Lesslie

Happened to write two movies that starred Michael Fassbender, Fox's Magneto actor.

mcu xmen movie hunger games writer michael lesslie

Though X-Men ’97 hasn’t been a success, Marvel Studios is of course moving forward with its live-action X-Men movie in the MCU which now has a writer.

Deadline reports Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes scribe Michael Lesslie is in talks to write X-Men for Marvel Studios.

Michael Lesslie is also known for writing Macbeth and Assassin’s Creed, both of which starred Michael Fassbender, Fox’s Magneto actor.

It’s also added the X-Men movie is in early development with no actors or director attached as of yet and also no release date set. Kevin Feige is producing who actually got his start on X-Men over at Fox back in the day.

Rumors offer Black Panther‘s Ryan Coogler might be up to direct and that the MCU’s X-Men will focus on the female characters.

x men 97 no one watching

X-Men ’97 is not a success

Worth pointing out is that Deadline and the writer who wrote the article, Justin Kroll, don’t have their facts right regarding X-Men ’97.

The article falsely states “following the success of its animated series X-Men ’97” and “this news also comes following the massive success of Marvel’s animated series X-Men ’97, which not only was a big ratings hit on Disney+.”

That would be like stating The Marvels is a success as those few fans that did watch it, a majority liked it (the bottom of the barrel Marvel zombie fans).

As I have gone over numerous times (see below), X-Men ’97 doesn’t have good ratings as it never made the Nielsen charts or the Samba TV charts.

It’s also been shown Marvel’s Echo is performing double that of X-Men ’97, and X-Men ’97 has worst ratings than Ms. Marvel and What If? Season 1.

I’m guessing Disney can’t afford to cancel X-Men ’97 as it would be a PR disaster, especially with the MCU X-Men movies on the horizon. It’s also possible they greenlit three seasons from the getgo.

And of course the shill sites are feeding into it.

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