X-Men ’97 Viewership Low: Possibly Unsuccessful

An industry analyst questions who is watching and if it doesn't make the charts, 'It's just really not part of the conversation.'

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Exactly as I have been telling you, the X-Men ’97 viewership is low on Disney+, where it’s said the series might be unsuccessful as a result.

I first told you back in March the ratings were a disappointment, and then covered how X-Men ’97 didn’t make any of the Nielsen or Samba TV charts, despite three episodes being released.

I said the ratings are likely comparable to that of Ms. Marvel, the least-watched MCU show on Disney+, which led to the massive failure of The Marvels which lost Disney $200 million. Similar to X-Men ’97, Ms. Marvel is also the only MCU show not to make the Nielsen ratings charts after three episodes.

I also said it likely means that only the hardcore Marvel fans are watching the series, again evident by the fact X-Men ’97 isn’t showing up on any ratings charts.

It might also suggest how badly the Marvel brand has been damaged from the past five years worth of questionable content suggesting fans have bailed on Disney and Marvel (again, how’d it work out for The Marvels?).

It’s even likely Disney told Samba TV not to report any numbers, as Disney is an investor, just like Disney probably told Samba TV not to report numbers for Doctor Who, another big ratings bust on Disney+.

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X-Men ’97, Invincible Season 2, Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 3 have low viewership

YouTuber Grace Randolph covers the X-Men ’97 ratings in her weekly box office report and points out, just as I have, that the viewership is low.

She even hints it might mean it’s not successful, but thinks to due the show trending on social media (Twitter? it’s all bots) that X-Men ’97 is an exception. Randolph also points out both Invincible Season 2 and the Star Wars The Bad Batch animated series haven’t made the charts, again suggesting they are unsuccessful as a result.

“Speaking of animation – I talked about this a little bit in my X-Men breakdown this week – let’s dive into it a little bit more. This was the second week for X-Men ’97 with three episodes, at this point. The sixth week for The Bad Batch Season 3, and the third week for Invincible Season 2 Part Two,” explains Randolph. “The latter two shows with a lot of episodes under their belt: 41 for The Bad Batch and 16 for Invincible — yet none of them are on the originals chart much less the overall chart.”

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What If…? Season 2 made the Nielsen charts

Randolph points out the Blue Eye Samurai animated series did make the charts in December as did What If…? Season 2 (with nine episodes released).

Blue Eye Samurai made the originals chart, number nine, but hey, it made it back in December and that was a binge, and interestingly, What If…? Season 2, which was a daily drop, so almost a binge, managed to make the originals Nielsen chart in December as well, number six, when it came out,” says Randolph.

Needs to make the Nielsen charts to be a success

Randolph continues and questions maybe it’s best to release all the episodes at once and says shows need to show up on the Nielsen charts to be considered a success.

“So should animation – especially animation aimed at adults – maybe be a binge drop? Hmmm,” she questions. “Also, does the show need to make the Nielsen charts to be considered a success? I’d argue it needs to make the originals chart not necessarily the overall chart but if it’s not even on the originals chart where the numbers can get pretty low, then it’s just really not part of the conversation.”

She adds, “Also, while live-action shows, I think benefit from a weekly conversation, I don’t know if it’s the same for animated shows especially if the audience is this much smaller.”

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X-Men ’97 an exception?

Regarding X-Men ’97 being an exception, she references the social media reactions, and it should be said those small amount of fans that are watching the series really like it, which is probably why Disney has greenlit Season 2, which was already written, so in essence, Disney is keeping those small amount of fans happy that are still subscribing to Disney+.

“Only X-Men ’97, I’d say is an exception because the weekly release, well perhaps low in viewership, makes such a big splash on social media. Every week this baby’s trending. I mean, I think one episode didn’t quite trend but for the most part it gets a lot of social media attention, and we haven’t even done the three-part season finale yet which starts this week,” she says.

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Fans watching by themselves?

Randolph also questions who is watching these shows and asks her audience if they are watching alone.

“So what do you think is the best way to release animated shows for adults and how do you think these shows are doing even though they’re not in the Nielsen ratings? Are you watching any of these shows, and are your friends and family, or is it just you? Are you watching it by yourself?” questions Randolph.

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