‘X-Men ’97’ Ratings Nowhere To Be Found With Six Episodes: Destroyed By Ms. Marvel

Latest Nielsen charts are out and again the series can't crack the top ten. It also continues to underperform compared to What If.

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Not to beat a dead horse, but it is again confirmed that X-Men ’97 has a low viewership, even lower than the least-watched MCU show on Disney+, Ms. Marvel, and lower than the What If…? animated series.

nielsen ratings april 15 21 2024
Screenshot via Nielsen: Originals chart – Week of April 15-21, 2024

Again performing worse than both What If? and Ms. Marvel

Nielsen released its ratings for the week of April 15-21, which is when X-Men ’97 had six episodes available to watch. Nielsen includes all the episodes available to watch within the week, where we see the series is nowhere to be found. Per its website, Nielsen “is the industry standard for digital content measurement.”

At #10 is Netflix’s Brigerton with only 228 minutes (millions), and X-Men ’97 can’t even manage to beat that low number.

How low is it?

With six episodes released back in 2021, What If? Season 1 had 243 minutes (millions).

What about the six episodes of Ms. Marvel? It destroys X-Men: 97 with 357 minutes (millions).

samba tv raings april 15 21 2014
Via Samba TV

Again fails to make the Disney-invested Samba TV charts

X-Men ’97 also again fails to make the Disney-invested Samba TV charts for the same week.

Recently saw a third data analytics viewership company also offer the Echo series performed better than X-Men ’97 by nearly double with less episodes and a less runtime. Echo averages the least-amount of views per episode for an MCU show, even lower than Ms. Marvel.

Disney CEO Bog Iger also revealed on Wednesday that Disney lost a whopping $4 billion on streaming.

x men 97 no one watching

Disney+ suffering

As I have gone over more than a few times, what is likely happening is that due to putting out such poor content in the movies and on Disney+, fans aren’t tuning in anymore.

The creatives at Marvel and Lucasfilm have destroyed the MCU, the Marvel brand, the comics, and Star Wars (three seasons of The Bad Batch also isn’t making the ratings charts).

So while X-Men ’97 might be a good show, it comes nowhere near the 23 million people that watched the original, nor does it attract as many Marvel fans as the live-action shows on Disney+. And again, it’s not even performing as well as What If…? which is an animated series (and not very good).

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