X-Men ’97: Non-Binary Morph Secretly Gay: Wolverine Relationship Celebrated By Showrunner

Confirmed by Beau DeMayo. Note: Spoilers inside for final episode.

x men 97 gay morph wolverine confirmed

As expected, it is confirmed that Morph is not only non-binary in the X-Men ’97 series on Disney+ but also that he is secretly gay.

Showrunner Beau DeMayo, who also happens to be gay and was fired for some reason before the premiere, also celebrated the Morph and Wolverine relationship on social media.

Morph first appeared in the original X-Men series in the 90s’ that was watched by 23 million people but Morph wasn’t gay in the show, or non-binary which didn’t exist at the time.

Since the character has the mutant power to shapeshift into both female and male characters, apparently DeMayo thought it was a good opportunity to change the character.

gay morph x men 97

“Need some help with those hard to reach spaces?”

The Morph and Wolverine relationship was first hinted at and teased in an earlier episode of X-Men ’97 involving a shower scene.

 A naked Wolverine is taking a shower and in walks Morph who first questions if it’s Gambit. Well, it’s not Gambit, it’s Logan, and the camera pans up on Wolverine’s naked body as if Morph is checking him out.

“One too many red heads for ya,” jokes Morph referencing Jean Grey, who morphs his own pair of adamantium claws. “Here. Need some help with those hard to reach spaces?”

Note: Spoilers follow for the last episode of X-Men ’97 Season 1.

morph x men 97 disney

Pretends to be Jean Grey

So what happens in the last episode is that Magneto rips the adamantium out of Wolverine’s body. To comfort the seemingly dying Wolverine, Morph changes into Jean Grey, and from Wolverine’s perspective, Jean Grey spills her feelings for him.

However, as confirmed by DeMayo on Twitter (see below), what is really going on is that Morph took advantage of the opportunity to share his real feelings for Wolverine.

storm x men 97

Celebrates threesome with Storm

DeMayo also celebrated and retweeted fans tweets involving a threesome between Morph, Wolverine, and Storm, and a tweet about how Morph had to hide his feelings for Wolverine because it’s 1997.

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