Gay Wolverine and Morph Teased In X-Men ’97

A scene is going viral on social media that backs up claims Disney has gone too woke.

gay wolverine morph teased x men 97

The latest episode of X-Men ’97 teases a gay Wolverine and Morph, which was something hinted at by the gay showrunner before the show aired and prior to him getting fired.

In an interview with Beau DeMayo in Empire Magazine, the article mentions that not only is Morph “nonbinary” but that he has an “interesting buddy relationship with Wolverine.”

Allegedly, Beau DeMayo may have been fired for posting lewd photos on OnlyFans.

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What does X-Men ’97 show?

So in the latest episode, there is a scene which shows a naked Wolverine taking a shower and in walks Morph who first questions if it’s Gambit.

Well, it’s not Gambit, it’s Logan, and the camera pans up on Wolverine’s naked body as if Morph is checking him out.

“One too many red heads for ya,” jokes Morph, who morphs his own pair of adamantium claws. “Here. Need some help with those hard to reach spaces?”

However, it turns out that it’s not the real Wolverine, as the X-Mansion is under attack by the Goblin Queen (so that makes it okay, then, right?).

Watch the video:

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Disney under fire for being too woke

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Disney activist creators and writers injected themselves into X-Men ’97, as Disney has been under fire for doing that for years with not only Marvel, but it’s Star Wars content, as well as its regular Disney content.

Morph wasn’t gay or nonbinary back in the original show (nonbinary doesn’t exist in the ’90s) and he didn’t sound gay, and Wolverine certainly isn’t gay, but they changed things to send The Message, something most of the fans have rejected judging by the viewership and box office numbers.

Marvel hasn’t been the same since before Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars killed its fanbase off, and a lot of the Disney shows and movies have been big failures.

While promoting its most powerful IPs, Disney, itself, also skipped over 7 years worth of Marvel.

The numbers also aren’t all that good for X-Men ’97 which couldn’t even beat out What If that is nowhere near as popular as the “X-Men” brand.

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