Disney Omits Marvel Phase 4 and Phase 5 From Investor Highlights

Disney doesn't mention seven years worth of the MCU while talking about its powerful IPs.

disney omits marvel

In the ongoing proxy battle, Disney has released numbers for its “powerful” IPs, highlighting how successful they are in an attempt to convince investors to stick with CEO Bob Iger and the current board.

A battle has been going on between the current Disney board and Trian Fund Management led by Nelson Peltz and backed by Ike Perlmutter for new board seats.

So the two have been going back and forth using various statistics in order to sway investors to their respective side.

Disney Franchise ROI
Via Disney

Powerful IPs?

The latest sees Disney release profit numbers for Frozen, Toy Story, Marvel, and Star Wars.

“Enduring franchises highlight our powerful IP and unique monetization capabilities,” states the infographic.

In the case of Frozen, Disney generated 9.9x its investment; for the Toy Story franchise, 5.5x its investment.

Marvel? It’s at 3.3x the investment, which means Marvel made them $13.2 billion.

Star Wars? It’s at the least of the bunch with a 2.9x return on investment, $11.6 billion (The Wrap crunched the numbers).

For Marvel, checking the infograph, Disney highlights The Avengers in 20212, Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015, Infinity War in 2018, Endgame in 2019, and then for the MCU, doesn’t reference anything until the upcoming release of Avengers 5 in 2026 (drops Kang Dynasty from title) and Secret Wars in 2027.

Disney omits SEVEN years worth of the MCU, which also happens to include the MCU shows on Disney+ such as She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Secret Invasion, etc.

iron man captain america

The boys are back in town

If I was Nelson Peltz, I’d actually use the info to show just how much of a shitty job Marvel has been doing as of late (5-7 years?!) and how much money they lost as a result (Disney confirmed The Marvels lost them $200M).

Same with Star Wars which should have been a larger success and made more money, but at least Disney mentions the Disney+ shows. Wow.

The latest on Marvel is that a Disney exec said Bob Iger is scrapping the female stuff that hasn’t been successful and is returning to male leads. Let’s just hope they have different creatives in charge because that’s the real reason for all the female stuff failing.

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