Echo Bombs On Disney+: Worst MCU Ratings

All five episodes were released at one time on both Disney+ and Hulu.

All five episodes were released at one time on both Disney+ and Hulu.

Echo Bombs On Disney+: Worst MCU Ratings

Marvel’s Echo turns out to be another big MCU bomb on Disney+ as the five episode series looks to have even worse ratings than Ms. Marvel.

Marvel dropped all the Echo episodes at one time on the Disney+ and Hulu streaming services, so while it is kind of hard to compare ratings to the other shows that dropped weekly episodes, we can simply compare averages.

It’s probably safe to say that those bottom of the barrel MCU fans that turned in to watch Echo episode 1 continued to binge-watch through the last episode, so again, taking the average per episode works out.

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Via Nielsen

Released on BOTH Disney+ AND Hulu

Nielsen reports that the week all five Echo episodes dropped, they were watched for 731 million minutes, which actually makes the Nielsen Top 10 for the week.

However, those numbers are for ALL FIVE EPISODES, which only averages out to 146.2 million minutes an episode (if I had to guess, the first couple episodes probably have higher than the average numbers but since the series fall off a clip with each subsequent episode, the minutes fall off as well).

We can also again add that Echo was released on BOTH Disney+ AND Hulu, so the numbers are even worse for Disney+, as the Nielsen charts measure BOTH Disney+ and Hulu, as that 146.2 million an episode is shared between both the streaming services.

The other MCU shows were ONLY released on Disney+.

If we compare that average to the first episode of the other MCU shows on Disney+, Echo is a complete disaster (see below).

marvel echo mcu

Echo is a complete disaster

For a comparison to Ms. Marvel, the week Ms. Marvel episode 1 was released on Disney+ saw 249 million minutes, according to Nielsen.

Secret Invasion? 461 million minutes for the week Episode 1 was released.

She-Hulk? The first episode didn’t make the Nielsen ratings, but the week episode two was released saw 390 million minutes, and then week three saw 472 million minutes, slightly better than Echo‘s average. We can also add that Samba TV’s numbers also state She-Hulk was watched more than Ms. Marvel (Samba TV didn’t report Echo‘s numbers for some reason, again, likely because they were in the gutter).

Hawkeye: The first two episodes were released in one week which saw 853 million viewers.

Moon Knight: 418 million minutes for the week episode 1 was released.

Loki Season 1: 731 million minutes.

Loki Season 2: 446 minutes.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 628 million minutes.

WandaVision: 434 million minutes.

It will also be interesting to see if Echo makes it into the Nielsen charts for the second week of release. More than likely, it won’t be in the charts because everybody who wanted to watch it (not a lot) watched it that first week. You can read my review here where I say it’s a dumpster fire of a series. These MCU shows on Disney+ really suck for the most part. Imagine being Disney giving these clueless Marvel clowns hundreds of million of dollars to create content with the hopes it will bolster its streaming service, and the content is pure garbage.

Update: Exactly as I said, Echo didn’t make the charts in the second week.

I think we know why.

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