Marvel’s Echo Proven Failure: Exits Nielsen Ratings After One Week

Fans have stopped watching the series.

Fans have stopped watching the series.

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Proving me right once again and the shills wrong, after only one week of release, Echo has completely dropped out of the Nielsen ratings charts.

Last week I told you Echo was a big bomb and Marvel’s worst-rated series on Disney+. I also told you only the bottom of the barrel Marvel fans watched the show.

I was right.

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Worse than She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel

Marvel released ALL the episodes of Echo on both the Disney+ AND Hulu streaming services on Jan 9, which Nielsen includes in their weekly ratings for Jan 8-14.

While Echo did manage to crack the Nielsen Top 10 for that week, exactly as I said, it’s because FIVE episodes were released at once.

If you take the average of each episode, Echo is a complete disaster and is the least-watched MCU show, even worse than Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk.

So how Nielsen works, is they take the ratings for all the episodes released within a week’s time period.

For example, Prime Video’s Reacher has a total of 16 episodes released between Season 1 and 2 during the week of Jan. 15-21; so Nielsen records the views for any episode viewed during that given week.

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Message is loud and clear

With Echo, the week it was released, Jan 8-14, the five episodes were watched for 731 million minutes.

The next week, the second week? Jan. 15-21? Echo didn’t even make the cut.

The lowest rated series on Nielsen’s ratings for the week is The Crown with 374 minutes, so we see ALL FIVE episodes of Echo come in below that number.

What happened is after those small amount of fans that first watched Echo, no one watched the series again.

If this message isn’t loud and clear, I don’t know what is.

Potential good news is that following Secret Invasion bombing, it has been reported Marvel is now trying to fix the TV side of things.

Exactly as my insiders first said over the summer, Daredevil: Born Again has been retooled to make it more in line with the popular Netflix show. Whether things have actually been fixed, cross your fingers.

I’ll also add the problem isn’t with superhero fatigue, the problem isn’t with female characters or any of the characters being used for the most part, it’s with those who are making the decisions at the studios. Madame Web says hi and goodbye.

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