Sony ‘Gloomy’ After Madame Web: May Have Killed Spider-Man Universe

The blame game is inevitably underway. The only blame can be on the clowns who make these movies.

The blame game is inevitably underway. The only blame can be on the clowns who make these movies.

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Well, the dummies at Sony are “gloomy” over Madame Web failing big time where it’s said the flick may have killed Sony’s Spider-Man universe. And make no mistake, they are a bunch of dummies.

The bozos at Sony Marvel are also making excuses in a desperate attempt to save their jobs just like the bozos at the DCEU and Marvel Studios. And they’re definitely all bozos.

James Gunn might be the only one that gets it.

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Fans got refunds

Regarding Madame Web, the box office bombed big time bringing in only $26 million over six days. While it was reported the budget was around $80 million, now THR is stating around $100 million.

To go with that, the reviews from both the critics and the fans haven’t been good at all — they’ve been a complete disaster.

THR actually says things are so bad that fans canceled and had their advance tickets of Madame Web refunded:

“On Wednesday night, you could actually watch advance purchase sales declining in real time as buyers were refunding their tickets,” marvels a major theatrical chain insider. “It really says something when you’d rather have Shazam! 2 numbers.”

So with Madame Web bombing, Sony’s Spider-Man universe is now in doubt. No duh, we all knew that after watching Venom 2 and especially Morbius. Why the fuck, then, were the Morbius writers brought back for Madame Web?

Deadpool and Wolverine

There is no superhero fatigue

Of course, the blame game is being applied, and they are not looking at themselves, they continue to blame “superhero fatigue,” which again is simply a desperate excuse by the industry to lay the blame elsewhere instead of where it belongs — the absolute morons making these movies.

There is no superhero fatigue as evident by the fact that the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer scored the most views within 24 hours and beat Spider-Man. Fans definitely aren’t going to be refunding their presale tickets.

What there is fatigue of is garbage movies like Madame Web, like The Marvels, like Quantumania, like Thor: Love and Thunder, like The Flash, like Blue Beetle, etc. They’re awful movies that are awfully made.

Go watch any of the aforementioned. Then go watch Iron Man, Captain America 2, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Raimi’s Spider-Man 1 and 2, and there isn’t even a comparison.

THR laughably spins for the industry as they write and then even desperately try to say it’s “fact”:

“Superhero fatigue” has evolved from a term used by some corners of the fandom to something reluctantly accepted as industry fact. And it’s coming at a time when Marvel, DC and Sony are all attempting the difficult work of birthing new franchises.   

The Marvels Brie Larson and Iman Vellani

Industry is desperate

As I wrote previously how IGN is now spinning complete BS, THR adds more of the same desperately trying to convince fans that Madame Web will be some kind of cult movie. Are you fucking kidding me?

That, folks, is how the industry works: So Madame Web massively bombs – embarrassingly so – and these clowns that make these movies try to manipulate fans through the shill sites, again desperately trying to place the blame elsewhere when its themselves who are to blame.

And make no mistake, it’s also not because they are female superheroes that are to blame, it’s the shitty writing and the people in charge who are to blame.

It’s not “Madame Web” that killed Sony’s Spider-Man universe, it’s the people making these shitty movies.

Jared Leto Morbius

Spider-Man spinoff universe sucks

Sony, your shitty Spider-Man spinoff universe sucks. Kraven looks like it sucks. It’s not looking good for Venom 3. It’s not superheroes who are to blame. It’s not the fans. It’s you assholes in charge.

“We’re not going to see another Madame Web movie for another decade-plus,” an industry veteran fills in THR. “It failed. Sony tried to make a movie that was a different type of superhero movie.”

Superhero fatigue? Fuck no. Different type of superhero movie? There weren’t any superheroes in the f’n movie!!!

“The current mood on the Sony lot is gloomy,” an insider tells the site.

No shit. It should have been gloomy after Morbius, and a course correction should have happened. I wonder when Sony movie chief Tom Rothman is told by the producers the reasons for the failures is because of superhero fatigue, if he actually buys it? Can he be that much of a moron, too?

Maybe. Good luck Spider-Man 4.

Regarding Gunn, Marvel’s massive success with Phase 1-3 had Jon Favreau, Joss Whedon, the Russos and James Gunn involved all who are big comic book fans. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is also the only superhero success of the past year or longer. You can’t tell me anyone involved with Madame Web is a comic fan. Fuck. Kevin Feige has told his Phase 4 clown-world crew not to read comics. How’d that turn out?

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