Madame Web Box Office Bombs With $25.8M

Sony's Spider-Man spinoff universe fails to deliver again.

Sony's Spider-Man spinoff universe fails to deliver again.

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The Madame Web box office has bombed big time with an estimated $25.8 million opening — and that’s for a six-day weekend, not the normal three-day weekend.

The number could go up or down depending on what Madame Web does on Monday, a holiday, but the amount will be negligible.

The flick cost $80 million to make, but Deadline is spinning things as usual offering the underperforming box office is not the end of the world “given Sony’s rich international TV output deals and its Netflix deal.” Yeah, right.

IGN is also starting to spin BS writing up a joke of an article that Madame Web is “destined to become a legendary sleepover watch.” Do people actually read those shitty articles?

If anything, Madame Web further sends home the notion that female superhero movies don’t sell (it’s crappy movies to blame not female superheroes), and Madame Web definitely continues to hurt the Sony Spider-Man spinoff brand, especially following Morbius which features the same writers.

So Morbius massively bombs and you bring back the writers to pen your all-female superhero film? Who thought that was a good idea? That’s the kind of thinking going on at Sony, and it’s a complete joke. At least Marvel dumped the Quantumania writer after that debacle. Good luck Kraven, and now Spider-Man 4 is said to be a big mess. Surprise.

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The ratings are just as abysmal as the box office

The Rotten Tomatoes Score is at 13%, and the Audience Score is at 55%. Likewise for IMDb, where Madame Web has a 3.8 rating, which is a lot lower than the Morbius rating of 5.2.

How about the CinemaScore which is a measure of audience’s reaction as they leave the theater? C+ which is also horrible and the same as Morbius.

Doesn’t it blow you mind these Hollywood types are given billions of dollars and have no clue what a good movie is and have no idea what they are doing? You would almost have to think it’s intentional. Box office numbers below.

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Madame Web box office:

  • Feb 14: $6,051,012
  • Feb 15: $2,153,607
  • Feb 16: $4,300,000
  • Feb 17: $6,375,000
  • Feb 18: $4,475,000
  • Feb 19: $2,450,000 (President’s Day )


Feb 16-18: $15,150,000

Feb 16-19: $17,600,000 (President’s Day weekend )

DOMESTIC: $25,804,619

INTERNATIONAL: $25,700,000

WORLDWIDE: $51,504,619

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