X-Men ’97 Now Worst Performing Marvel Series On Disney+: Worse Than Ms. Marvel, What If

Latest Nielsen charts are in and X-Men '97 is nowhere to be found. Same for Samba TV.

x men 97 worse performing marvel series disney plus

Confirming exactly what I said back in April, now with five episodes released, X-Men ’97 still can’t make the Nielsen ratings, and the series is performing worse than Ms. Marvel on Disney+, where it’s even learned worse than What If…?

That means X-Men ’97 is currently the worst performing Marvel series on Disney+.

Nielsen measures the minutes viewed for ALL available episodes released during a given week’s time, but again, X-Men ’97 fails to deliver.

Update: Variety’s report reveals five episodes of Echo beat nine episodes of X-Men ’97.

nielsen ratings april 8 14 2024
Screenshot via Nielsen: Week of April 8-14, 2024

Paramount+ again on top

X-Men ’97 is also again beat out by a Paramount+ series, a streaming service that has half the number of subscribers as Disney+.

This time it’s Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, the final season, that lands at the bottom of the list with three episodes released for the week of April 8 -14 at 257 minutes (millions), which is in addition to the episodes available from the first four seasons (257 is still a low number).

Previously, the less than well-received Paramount+ Halo series made the Nielsen charts while X-Men ’97 was nowhere to be found.

samba tv april 8 14 2024
Via SambaTV

Missing In Action from Samba TV again

Likewise, X-Men ’97 is also missing again from the Samba TV charts (Disney is an investor in the company).

Netflix’s 3 Body Problem comes in at #10 on Samba TV’s charts for the week, and we see Disney’s failed Wish movie comes in at #8.

Iman Vellani Ms. Marvel

Performing Worse Than Ms. Marvel

It’s now known X-Men ’97 is performing worse than Ms. Marvel – the least-watched MCU series – as after five episodes released, Ms. Marvel did make the Nielsen charts with 295 minutes (millions).

Ms. Marvel would have actually come in at #9 this week on the Nielsen charts.

So obviously with X-Men ’97 not making the Nielsen charts and not even making it to 257, and with Ms. Marvel having 295, that means Ms. Marvel is performing better.

what if marvel

Performing Worse Than What If…?

It’s beginning to look like X-Men ’97 has the smallest Marvel audience watching as What If…? Season 1 is also outperforming X-Men ’97.

After five episodes released, What If…? Season 1 had 258 minutes (millions), where it would have made this week’s Nielsen charts.

Again, since X-Men ’97 didn’t make this week’s charts and the lowest rating is 257, X-Men ’97 has a lower amount of minutes viewed than What If…? Season 1 after five episodes.

You will recall, exactly as I said, Variety reported how Disney told them X-Men ’97 was the biggest Disney+ premiere since What If…? Season 1, but Variety NEVER said X-Men ’97 beat What If (sorry, Marvel fans), and now we know by these numbers, it isn’t.

x men 97 no one watching

Why isn’t anyone watching X-Men ’97?

If you go by the social media reactions (assuming they are real), X-Men ’97 is the best Marvel project since Spider-Man: No Way Home and Avengers: Endgame.

I think the ratings are really low due to multiple factors which includes a lot of people are not watching Disney+, it’s an animated series and not live-action (though 23 million watched the original), and it shows how damaged both the Disney and Marvel brands have become as a result of the previous years’ worth of content that has destroyed both Marvel and Star Wars. Doubt me? Then why is Disney pulling back on both brands?

I also think X-Men ’97 would perform a lot better on Netflix.

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