MCU X-Men All About Female Characters Says Rumor

How did it work out for The Marvels?

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According to a new rumor, the male characters will be taking a backseat to the female characters in the MCU’s X-Men franchise.

The news isn’t surprising as Kevin Feige’s approach for the past five years has been all about diversity; however, it hasn’t worked out.

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The Marvels a massive failure

Marvel’s female-led sequel to the billion dollar Captain Marvel movie, The Marvels, absolutely tanked at the box office, so much so that Disney lost $200 million.

Ms. Marvel and Echo are also the least-watched MCU shows on Disney+, and She-Hulk isn’t getting a Season 2.

Also recall how that Marvel exec said X-Men is outdated simply because the term uses the word “men,” so that goes to show you their thinking.

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What does the rumor say?

The rumor comes via scooper DanielRPK who offers Marvel wants to hire a writer who can do comedy and drama really well.

He claims Marvel doesn’t want the X-Men to be purely comedic.

It’s also said Marvel wants the focus on the female characters.

It’s further said Marvel wants to introduce characters that haven’t appeared in live-action to be alongside the main characters we all know and love.

Why not focus on both male AND female characters???

So we see the “M-She-U’ is continuing, which is also evident by the casting of Julia Garner as the female Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four which wipes away decades worth of stories from legendary creators.

Similar to Eternals (which also bombed) you can also bet Feige and company will be race bending and gender swapping various X-Men characters.

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