Kevin Smith Responds To Stan Lee Troubles

Kevin Smith Stan Lee

It’s been said that Stan Lee is in need of a super hero, and now Kevin Smith answers the call!

The 95-year-old creator of Marvel has been plagued by troubles the past few months including ailing health, and just yesterday saw it become known that apparently his daughter has been manipulating him into getting his estate and money.

Kevin Smith read about Stan Lee and took to Twitter to offer up support, which follows Smith’s own woes after suffering a massive heart attack that almost left him for dead.

“Greetings Generalisimo @TheRealStanLee! I’ve been trying to reach you on all the numbers I have for you but none of them work anymore. After my heart attack, you were one of the first people I wanted to see! So can I come visit you? Or do you wanna come over to podcast this week?” Kevin Smith tweeted back in March.

The report about Stan Lee’s daughter stated she was isolating him from his friends and family, which Smith’s comments above seems to corroborate.

Yesterday saw Kevin Smith tweet out the following in response to learning about Lee’s latest plight with his daughter: “This is heartbreaking. We love you, @TheRealStanLee. You are always welcome to come live with me – or please let us fans buy you a new place to live. We miss you, sir.”

It also recently became known that someone actually stole Stan Lee’s blood.

Regarding Kevin Smith, he is doing a lot better now and has actually dropped 30lbs in less than a month.

Kevin Smith Stan Lee