Kevin Smith’s He-Man ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ Baits Right-Wingers

Warning: Spoilers follow!

Warning: Spoilers follow!

Kevin Smith's He-Man 'Masters of the Universe: Revolution' Baits Right-Wingers

Kevin Smith’s He-Man series, Masters of the Universe: Revolution, is now out on Netflix which is a sequel to the controversial Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Why the controversy? It’s in regards to Kevin Smith lying about Revelation and the fact it’s woke AF.

So of course, the question is going to come up if Masters of the Universe: Revolution is woke as well.

I’ll say it’s nowhere near as woke as Masters of the Universe: Revelation and there is no bait-and-switch. I actually liked it a lot; however, I think Smith and the producers are trying to bait right wingers into a reaction.

Note: Spoilers follow.

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What’s going on with Masters of the Universe: Revolution?

So in Masters of the Universe: Revolution, following up from Revelation, Andra is the new Man-At-Arms, and Revolution makes it pretty clear on more than one occasion that she’s the MAN-At-Arms. But at least the show didn’t change the title to They-At-Arms, right? And in Revolution, Duncan becomes the Man-At-War, so all good there.

Anyway, the end of Masters of the Universe: Revelation sees He-Man give up the crown, as his dad, the king died, which caused war to break out. Well, you might be thinking what I was thinking that instead of a king, Smith and company would go with a new queen of Eternia? Good news is that doesn’t happen.

What happens is that He-Man/Prince Adam decides to put an end to the monarchy and make Eternia a democratic republic where the people vote for their leaders. Awesome, monarchies suck. Masters of the Universe: Revolution also fires off the fireworks like it’s 1776. Cool!

andra masters universe
“President” Andra

“President” Andra

So He-Man doesn’t want to be king or run for office. Teela doesn’t want to run for office. Well, Andra decides to step up and run for office, where the show makes it sound as if she already won. But hey, Eternia is now a democratic republic, so if that is who the people vote for, all good, right?

However, what I think is going on in the minds of Smith and the producers is that they are trying to bait right-wingers into thinking Andra is none other than Michelle Obama, which let’s be honest, it’s Hollywood, so she could very well represent Michelle Obama in the series.

In some circles, there is the theory that Biden is going to drop out of the election and that Michelle “Mike” Obama is going to run. That could be what Smith and the producers are going with here with Andra becoming the “president” of Eternia to set off “ring-wingers” and get a reaction.

If not Michelle Obama, then it’s Andra being a black female president, would be the “issue.”

Regarding it being bait, obviously, if you say something against Andra becoming president, you’ll of course be labeled a racist.

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