Masters of the Universe: Revolution Review: Epic?!

Did Kevin Smith and company learn their lesson from the huge backlash to 'Revelation?!'

Did Kevin Smith and company learn their lesson from the huge backlash to 'Revelation?!'

Masters of the Universe: Revolution Review: Epic?!

Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution is now out on Netflix which follows Masters of the Universe: Revelation that came with all the bait-and-switch garbage and woke content.

So what about the sequel?

The short of it is that Masters of the Universe: Revolution is actually epic, and Smith and company seemed to have learned their lesson from the response to the first series. What a third episode!

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Perfect episodes

While Revelation was split into two parts with a total of ten episodes, Revolution is only one singe part with five episodes. So that means they have to nail every episode and they have to be perfect, and you know what I think they are!

Each episode is action-packed, the animation is great, the music is top-notch (mixes of Conan The Barbarian and Game of Thrones at times!) and the story is really well done, too. I also love the intro.

They really paid attention to He-Man lore (producer Teddy Biaselli is a huge He-Man fan as the dude has something like garages full of all the action figures!).

While I was watching, I couldn’t help but think that my ten-year-old self that had a letter printed in the He-Man Magazine (“I like when you say ‘By the Power of Grayskull!'”) would have loved Masters of the Universe: Revolution! While watching, I immediately wanted to go out and buy all the action figures, too.

Also while watching, I was left scratching my head how they could have f’d up Revelation as much as they did! WTF, guys!

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All-star cast

Revolution also boasts an all-star cast as William Shatner plays a mystery character, and of course, plays the character perfectly.

Mark Hamill is back as Skeletor, which, yeah, sounds a lot like his Joker, but the one-liners and jokes also come through perfect. I was actually routing for Skeletor!

Melissa Benoist voices Teela this time around, who sounds right where she belongs.

My only gripe with the voice cast would probably be Chris Wood as his He-Man voice doesn’t seem to fit or at least his “By the Power of Grayskull! I have the power!” needs to sound a lot more epic, IMO.

Oh yeah, the legendary Keith David also voices Hordak, and Venom himself, Tony Todd, returns as Scareglow. Perfect casting, too.

Lena Headey is also back as Evil-Lyn and as I went over, there seems to be a big nod to Game of Thrones!

masters of the universe revolution

Story is good

I also thought the story was well done, which continues from Revelation where Hordak invades Eternia. I did find it Marvel-esque, but so what? It’s definitely not a carbon copy and leaves enough to the imagination. There’s also lots of cool upgrades for most of the characters.

The ending was also a surprise, and I’ll be honest, I did find some of it cringe because I knew they were sending The Message, but how they presented it, you really can’t argue against, again, which they obviously did intentionally, IMO.

I know people were massively disappointed with Kevin Smith and Revelation and are choosing not to watch Revolution because of it, and I definitely understand it.

However, on its own, Masters of the Universe: Revolution, is really good and I give it a 9 out of 10! When’s the next season?!

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