Did Kevin Smith Just Give Us The Game of Thrones Ending We Always Wanted?

Massive spoilers inside for 'Masters of the Universe: Revolution' out now on Netflix.

Did Kevin Smith Just Give Us The Game of Thrones Ending We Always Wanted?

So you know how everyone hates the ending to HBO’s Game of Thrones series, well, it’s pretty funny, but Kevin Smith’s He-Man Masters of the Universe: Revolution series on Netflix may have secretly given us the ending we always wanted.

I have no idea if it is intentional or not on the part of Kevin Smith, the producers or the creators behind Revolution but while watching, I couldn’t help but think that was the intent.

Worth a mention is that Lena Headey voices both Evil-Lyn and Cersei Lannister.

Note: Massive spoilers follow for Masters of the Universe: Revolution.

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So in Game of Thrones, the final season sees the Night King and his hoard zombie army attacking Westeros. Cersei refuses to help. Daenerys and her dragon go buck wild and kill everyone. Jon Snow is forced to kill Daenerys. Bran Stark is proclaimed king.

So what happens in Kevin Smith’s He-Man series?

Hordak and his zombie army are attacking Eternia. Evil-Lyn helps. The dragon helps. Teela and He-Man come together and help save everyone. He-Man/Prince Adam refuses to become King. Eternia gives up the monarchy in favor of a democratic republic where the citizens of Eternia elect representatives to make decisions (there’s even “1776” fireworks!).

The kicker? The Masters of the Universe: Revolution series also uses the Game of Thrones theme song! Shit you not! Pay attention around that final battle episode/s scene/s.

Also, Lena Headey’s Evil-Lyn makes a comment about a “little bird,” which of course is a reference (whether intentional or not, but you think it has to be, right?) to Varys and his street children of spies in Game of Thrones. It’s been a while, but I also believe Cersei also specifically says “little birds” in the Game of Thrones series. Nice nod!

And if you are wondering if Masters of the Universe: Revolution is better than Revelation? Yeah, it’s a lot better.

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