Stan Lee’s Blood Was Stolen For Comics

Stan Lee's Blood Was Stolen For Comics

It’s been a rough few months for Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel and the Avengers. 

The latest sees it become known that someone actually went out and stole the blood of Stan Lee to be used as ink for signatures on comic books.

According to the report, a comic shop out of Las Vegas was selling Black Panther comic books bearing a signature from Stan Lee in blood.

The Black Panther comics even come with a certificate of authentication that details the item as having a “Hand-Stamped Signature of STAN LEE using Stan Lee’s Solvent DNA Ink.”

Back in October saw it become known that someone stole the blood of Stan Lee after a former business associate presented Lee’s nurse with fake documents that authorized that a sample be drawn.

The comics are said to have fetched a hefty price with Stan’s Lee’s signature in blue selling for $250, with the one in gold at $500.

The retailer has since removed the comics following the reports of the incident, and Stan Lee’s legal team is investigating.

Just yesterday saw it reported that Stan Lee seems to be in trouble in regards to problems with his daughter.

(via TMZ)

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