Batman Producer Michael Uslan Developing Stan Lee ‘Living Comics’

Riddle me this, riddle me that, guess who’s joined Legible for a new Stan Lee act?

Riddle me this, riddle me that, guess who’s joined Legible for a new Stan Lee act?

Batman Producer Michael Uslan Developing Stan Lee 'Living Comics'

In addition to being involved with the Stan Lee DC Comics project, Batman producer Michael Uslan is also helping to develop an original comic book line with Legible featuring never before seen Stan Lee characters.

The details include Batman executive producer Michael Uslan dons a new mask as an advisor to Legible’s fresh line of Stan Lee comics

He and his producer son, David, will lend their expertise in the development of never-before-seen Stan Lee characters.

The new comics will be exclusively published by Legible and will feature Legible’s proprietary specialization – integrating rich media in eBooks – enabling development of “Living Comics” with video, audio and graphics to bring the new stories to life.

“The Uslans’ legacy of transformational storytelling and strategic acumen aligns seamlessly with Legible’s vision to develop new Stan Lee properties into unique ‘living comics’,” says Kaleeg Hainsworth, CEO of Legible, an ePublisher and eReading platform.

Legible is the only company that creates “living books” infused with multimedia features, offers the eBookstore in which to buy them, and provides the browser-based platform that enables readers to enjoy them on any smart device.

The Uslans, who have 50 years of personal history with Stan Lee and his legacy, as well as deep expertise in the publishing and entertainment industries, see Legible’s platform as a way for readers to further immerse themselves in a favorite pastime.

“Legible’s proprietary technology has the potential to transform the way comic books are read online by embedding animation, music/sound, and video,” explains David Uslan.

“We see Legible revitalizing legacy properties and attracting new readers through thoughtful, powerful multimedia comic integrations – scalable and viewable on any device,” he adds.

“Above and beyond bringing comics to life, we look forward to championing Legible’s creative technology in conventional eBooks, reaching readers and publishers worldwide,” says Michael Uslan.

Legible will also publish print versions of the comics, to honor Stan Lee’s wish of reaching as many people as possible with his works.

The company secured the rights to develop and publish 12 new series based on never-before-seen Stan Lee properties thanks to its exclusive partnership with Kartoon Studios, controlling partner of Stan Lee Universe, LLC.

Legible and the Uslans hope to begin work on the first property in the next several weeks.

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