Kevin Feige On X-Men At Marvel

Matt McGloin Posted: 06/09/2018 - 19:14 COMMENT
Kevin Feige On X-Men At Marvel

Today at the Produced By Conference, Marvel studios president Kevin Feige fielded questions regarding the future of Marvel Studios where he not only talked about new characters following The Avengers 4, but also about the possibility of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and related properties returning to Marvel.

"I just sit waiting for a call Yay or Nay from people far above me," Kevin Feige said on whether the Disney and Fox Studios deal can expand Marvel universe of characters.

Kevin Feige previously said it would be fun to have the X-Men a part of Marvel, and there are even rumors that plans are underway for if / when Marvel does get the X-Men characters back. It's speculated the X-Men, Deadpool, Wolverine and Fantastic Four could all be a part of Marvel's Phase 4 plans. Different theories are flying, but one might have a connection (note: possible spoilers at the link) to The Avengers 4. 

Regarding Disney getting Fox Studios, it's lately been reported that it is by no means a done deal, as a Wall St. exec said Fox Studios isn't set on selling to Disney and wants the best possible deal.

Comcast is currently offering all-cash - north of $60 billion -  and more than Disney, but it has been reported Disney is preparing to up their offer if need be.

Up for grabs also includes FOX TV, James Cameron Avatar franchise and more.

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