Joker Profit Par With Avengers: Infinity War


With Joker being a smash hit, it’s learned the profits for the movie will be similar to that of Disney’s The Avengers: Infinity War.

As I pointed out in my article how Joker is the “MCU Killer,” Disney didn’t make as much money on Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame due to the high costs to make the films, but Joker only had a budget of around $50 million or so.

So even though a movie like Infinity War made over a billion dollars, when all is said and done, the profits came in around a half-billion dollars, which is similar to the Joker.

Also as I have pointed out, this is WB’s new approach to their DC films, which is to create low budget flicks with a high-quality storyline and director, which gives them more bang for their buck than going with a large tentpole film.

Case in point is that it is also learned Joker will make more money than the billion-dollar Aquaman film, as Joker will make at least $464 million, possibly more if it surpasses $900 million, while Aquaman only netted $260.5 million.

Joker‘s profit is also near Black Panther‘s $476.8 million (another billion-dollar movie) and blows away Venom’s near $247 million and Deadpool 2’s $235.4 million in profits.

By the end of its fourth weekend, the flick is expected to have brought in around $825 million worldwide, surpassing Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Rumors are now offering that WB may be going with a similar approach for a Lex Luthor flick.


Here are the current box office numbers for Joker:

Domestic: $253,820,278

Foreign: $491,300,000

Worldwide: $745,120,278

(Source: Deadline)