First Look At Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn In 'Joker' 2 Set Footage
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Lady Gaga Suits Up As Harley Quinn In Joker 2

Check out a look at Lady Gaga who suits up as Harley Quinn for director Todd Phillips for Joker 2. The actress and singer was spotted filming Saturday morning in New York City where she sports a version of the iconic Harley Quinn costume wearing a red diamond patterned jacket, a black and white diamond

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‘Joker’ Sequel Rumored For 2023 Start

The Joker sequel starring Joaquin Phoenix looks to get underway in 2023, according to a new rumor. It’s claimed that the first draft of the script is complete and the film will begin shooting sometime in 2023. No further details are known about Joker 2 but following the first movie’s billion-dollar shocking success, it’s been

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Joker Rumored For Batman Gotham HBO Max Series

It’s rumored that the Joker will be featured in the upcoming Gotham City Police Department series coming to the HBO Max streaming service, which is said to be a prequel to the Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves Batman movie. The rumor comes from a user on the SHH forums who offers the following details. Gotham

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‘Joker’ 2 Underway With Todd Phillips Returning

It’s learned that Joker 2 is underway with director and writer Todd Phillips back for the sequel to the hit 2019 movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime. The info comes from Phillips’ lawyer via THR where it’s noted: “Todd Phillips struck a deal to co-write the next Joker installment.” The news isn’t all that

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