Jason Momoa Teases Snyder Cut Release


With all the talk of the Snyder Cut getting released on HBO Max, now Jason Momoa weighs in and teases its release.

Jason Momoa posted video to his Instagram story where he is with his Batman vs. Superman, Justice League and Aquaman trainer Mark Twight where the pair say to release the Snyder Cut.

“We’re just sitting around doing nothing,” says Momoa. “F’n release the Snyder Cut. Am I right?”

“Exactly,” agrees Mark Twight. “Release the Snyder Cut.

“Release the f’n Snyder Cut,” says Momoa. “You know what I mean. Like, what are we waiting for?”

Momoa then went on to tease its release: “There’s some goodies in there. I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there so hopefully you know, generally, the sh-it I put out there comes true. Let’s hope it does.”

“Release the f’m Snyder Cut, baby!” Momoa said one more time.

Watch the video below.

Zack also shared it on his Vero account noting: “Momoa on a rant.”

Jason Momoa, Mark Twight: Release The Snyder Cut:

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