James Wan Responds To ‘The Trench’ Backlash


An Aquaman spinoff movie is in development about The Trench, which has left a lot of fans questioning why the movie is getting made and not something for Superman or Green Lantern.

James Wan, who will be producing The Trench, takes to Twitter to respond to comparisons about the DC movie universe to his Conjuring franchise.

The Trench has been described as a low-budget horror film, which fits with Wan’s approach to the Conjuring universe. Those films make ten or twenty times their budget, so a comparison would be a DC tentpole movie that costs $150-200 million to make would need to bring in $1.5-2 billion. If The Trench costs around $20 million or so to make and brings in $600 million, it isn’t too hard to see why Warner Bros. is going in a new direction that sees them developing lower budget films instead of movies based on the Justice League characters. Ray Fisher also said a Cyborg movie probably won’t happen because it will be too expensive. The Flash also seems to be placed on the backburner as are plans for a Man of Steel 2 and Justice League 2. What will be interesting to see is if DC moves ahead with the Green Lantern Corps movie, probably an expensive flick with all the required CGI. 

It’s also known The Trench will not feature Jason Momoa or Amber Heard.

The Trench