Aquaman’s James Wan Rumored To Direct Spider-Man 4

From the direct competition to greener pastures, jumping ship to the MCU?

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James Wan could be heading to green pastures at Marvel as a new rumor says he might be up to direct Spider-Man 4.

Jon Watts recently confirmed he is done as the director and offered advice to his successor.

Wan recently directed the Aquaman movies at DC, where the first made over a billion dollars at the box office.

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What does the rumor say?

The rumor once again comes via the MyTimeToShineHello Twitter account who also says Black Cat will appear in the movie.

The account says James Wan is one of the directors Marvel Studios and Sony are looking at to direct Spider-Man 4.

However, up next for Wan looks to be his self-described “dream project,” The Call of Cthulhu, an adaptation of the classic horror short story by science-fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft, that he has been quietly working on for five years, with the story involving a man investigating a demonic cult known as Cthulhu.

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Jon Watts’ advice for the new director

Regarding the advice Jon Watts has for the new Spider-Man 4 director, he said, “I have a very practical bit of Spider-Man advice, and I think every Spider-Man director goes through it. It doesn’t look good when someone is just swinging on a rope,” he said. “You think you’re gonna go in there, you’re like, ‘we’re gonna do it all practical. We’re gonna get a stuntman. We’re gonna be swinging around.’”

Watts continued, “It’s boring. It looks dumb. It looks like a monkey swinging on a vine when you put someone on just a rope. Don’t waste your time. That’s my advice to the next Spider-Man director.”

Spider-Man 4 doesn’t have a release date and is rumored to be either another Multiverse movie or a street-level flick.

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