Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Whips Brie Larson Captain Marvel In Poll


The Gal Gadot Wonder Woman absolutely demolishes the Brie Larson Captain Marvel in a poll conducted on our Facebook page and FB Group.

With near 5000 votes cast, Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman received a whopping 77% of the vote from fans, with Brie Larson and Captain Marvel only getting 23% of the vote.

Gal Gadot first appeared as Wonder Woman for Zack Snyder in Batman vs. Superman, then starred in her solo film by Patty Jenkins, followed by Justice League, and Gal Gadot has Wonder Woman 1984 getting released June 5, 2020.

Brie Larson debuted as Captain Marvel in the solo film set between Infinity War and The Avengers: Endgame, and made a brief appearance in the latter. Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have yet to announce when Captain Marvel 2 will be released, with all kinds of rumors offering that Disney may be unhappy with the character, or that due to the delay in keeping Spider-Man in the MCU, that Captain Marvel 2 may have not been able to have been announced at the recent San Diego Comic-Con or D23 Expo. There is even a wild rumor that Brie Larson may be starring in a Star Wars movie, which preceded the news that Kevin Feige is developing a Star Wars flick.

Check out fan reactions to the poll below.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Brie Larson Captain Marvel Poll

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Fans choose Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman

The only person voting for Captain Marvel is die hard Marvel fans who can’t vote for anything but. Captain Marvel is awesome but she sucks at this role and one day when there’s another lady playing Captain Marvel everyone will then admit it – Michael Knight

I haven’t even seen Wonder Woman and it’s still better than the other trainwreck. – Cj Rumpf

Lol no contest, Captain Woke SJW suuuuuuuucks! – Reed Mister

Ww any day! – Juju Alexander

WW all day all night. – Joel Hanlon

WW. Easiest choice all day – Russell Tondre

WW….all the way…I love cap, but Gal is way hotter…oh and WW was alittle more action packed.. – Daniell Ronin Cardenas

Gal Gadot all day. – Jon Larson

Gal is way classier than Brie – James Wilson

So far 21% need new glasses – Tony Turner

Sorry only capt marvel I recognize is dead – Husain Mayden

I can’t stand Brie so Gal for sure – Tom Tj Ciesielski

I love marvel but Wonder Woman is the best – John Timmins

WW why anyone would ever choose Captain woke idk lol – Ulises Aviles

Dude it’s not even a competition. Wonder Woman all the way! – Madison Wesley Wilson

Any time Danvers was backed into a corner. Her go to was the photon blasts. Fight or flight instinct all the time. Something proper training leads you away from. Wonder Woman would fold her in half. – Charles Sun

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Fans choose Brie Larson and Captain Marvel

Which made more money… – Douglas Morgan

You talking movie quality or who’d win a flight? WW was way better but CM stomps – Brian Dieringer

That’s like asking if I want a knife or a gun in a shootout. #danversallday – Omar Austin

Both – Tico Sekou

Captain marvel – Thomas Carpenter

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