Disney Purging Star Wars, Marvel Woke Agenda


With Star Wars failing at Disney and with the fears surrounding the coronavirus causing the company to lose billions, it is claimed that Disney will be changing its approach to various franchises including Star Wars and Marvel.

It’s no secret that Disney has been promoting a “woke” agenda in its movies and more, and it’s also no secret that the woke agenda has been a huge failure.

Star Wars is a complete disaster at Disney as it has been on the decline (proven by Disney investor reports) since the release of Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which caused fans to bail on Star Wars in droves.

Regarding Marvel, on the movie side of things, there have been problems with Brie Larson, and we can argue that even though Captain Marvel was a success, similar to The Last Jedi, it was another woke approach which failed as the writing and directing team are not back for the sequel, and perhaps the biggest proof Captain Marvel was a failure is that Kevin Feige has apparently downgraded Brie Larson at Marvel and is now promoting Elizabeth Olsen, as Scarlet Witch and Olsen are liked by the fans a whole lot more than Larson and Carol Danvers.

So as the woke agenda hasn’t been a success at Disney (and all of Hollywood), it’s claimed that Disney is going to purge all the SJWs and cater to the fans.

The info comes from “the future ruler of Earth,” Doomcock, from the Overlord YouTube channel, who has been providing information about how Star Wars will get fixed and previously revealed information about problems with Brie Larson and Captain Marvel, as well as Star Trek.

Disney Star Wars

Hollywood is indeed a woke wasteland

“Hollywood is indeed a woke wasteland and now out of that wasteland, a new hope has suddenly appeared,” explains Doomcock.

The Youtuber does note the information does sound too good to be true, but the info comes from a high-level source.

“According to a source that has been reliable in the past, the sh-t is about to hit the fan at Disney,” says Doomcock. “I am told that getting the SJWs out of Disney is now priority one mandated by the sudden realization that sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason and a new understanding at the highest level that ‘get woke go broke’ is no longer just a slogan. Yes, you heard me right, as incredible as it sounds, my source boldly claims that Disney is now only concerned with one thing: profitability.”

Doomcock continues: “The proclamation is about to be sent out from on high to every corner of the enchanted kingdom: Disney is a for-profit business moving forward and from here on out the customer comes first. The woke party is over because the mouse is awakened with a terrible hangover and it’s a new day at Disney. My source tells me that huge policy changes are about to be made at Disney: Bad-mouthing fans no matter what they say or what side they are on will no longer be tolerated. That goes for everyone that works at Disney. Everyone. Including Brie Larson. Including the LucasFilm story group. And everyone that Kathleen Kennedy ever hired.”

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Disney no longer tolerating woke agenda

Doomcock goes on to give examples of people at Disney attacking fans including Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, Brie Larson and Taika Waititi.

“I’ve been told explicitly that even someone like Brie Larson will no longer be able to work at Disney if she takes shots at fans,” says Doomcock. “The slack attitude and tacit support implied by silence that emboldened these woke wonders to highjack a corporate message and subvert corporate profits is no more. The LucasFilm story group will no longer be empowered to humiliate Luke Skywalker to strike a blow against the patriarchy. No more will Nick Fury be humiliated by having a pet cat take out his eye. ‘Get woke go broke’ is a phrase that resonates with Disney now and positive changes are on the way if this leak is true.”

Star Wars Disney

Disney getting back to business: customer is always right

Regarding why Disney is changing things, Doomcock explains it about profit.

“Economic realities of 2020 coupled with the decline in returns on properties like Star Wars have combined to sober executives up,” explains Doomcock. “They realize that fans have been driven away from their precious franchises in droves by identity politics. Now it’s time to get back to doing business. Time to remember the old adage ‘the customer is always right.’ Investors and executives are now trying to repair the damage that has been done. Erasing the Sequel Trilogy with the Veil of The Force. Courting George Lucas to head up LucasFilm, the coming woke purge, all of these steps are designed to do one thing: bring fans back to Disney. “

George Lucas and Jon Favreau

Disney aware what fans think

Doomcock says that Disney is well aware of what the fans think, which is something I was told as well last Summer while at Comic-Con when I brought up the notion to Marvel insiders who filled me in about Doctor Strange 2 featuring original Marvel Comics characters (like the OG Nick Fury).

“They realize that allowing these woke elements to highjack their projects a tremendous amount of damage has been done to their precious brands and they cannot allow this to continue. The executives have heard you, according to this source, and they are determined to reverse course,” says Doomcock.

Doomcock claims Disney held a virtual meeting last Friday to explain their new approach going forward.

“The new policy moving forward is one of fan support and acceptance. Disney is a for-profit company and no one who works for Disney will be allowed to insult or antagonize fans. It is hoped that this policy, presumably coupled with the exclusion of political propaganda from future productions although this was not specified, will bring fans back into the Disney fold,” offers Doomcock.

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