Dardevil Showrunner F-Bombs Fan Over Suit Criticism


Marvel TV recently held an auction for their canceled Netflix shows which includes the Daredevil costumes. Well, the showrunner on the first season, Steven S. DeKnight, reveals he bought one of the suits and responds rather harshly to fan criticism.

The Daredevil costumes have been going for upwards of 65K in the auction, with Steven S. DeKnight excitedly revealing on Twitter that he purchased the suit.

“For those of you who don’t know, they’re auctioning off props from the Marvel Netflix shows today,” DeKnight tweeted Monday. “And I’m happy to report that this bad boy is coming home to live at the offices of DeKnight Productions, where it belongs!”

The tweet saw a reply from a fan offering he doesn’t like the suit at all.

“No that terrible reptilian fibreglass polymer travesty belongs in a dumpster fire or a Joel Schumacher film. This is what Daredevil looks like,” @AikidoMarcoFord replied.

DeKnight didn’t like the tweet and responded, “F— off.”

Daredevil Marvel

Daredevil reboot underway within MCU

I was actually told at Comic-Con that a Daredevil reboot is underway within the MCU, which may explain why Marvel TV is getting rid of the costumes and props for their Netflix shows, as obviously when Daredevil does get rebooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe new costumes will be made, possibly used by new actors.

My info was seemingly corroborated yesterday when a leaker offered that the Daredevil and Netflix characters will be a part of the MCU, with the most updated rumor offering that they will be coming to FX, which is now owned by Disney as part of the purchase of Fox.

I was·also told plans are underway for Heroes For Hire.