Black Adam Likely Delayed Says Dwayne Johnson


Black Adam filming may be delayed due to the Coronavirus says Dwayne Johnson, which would join a long list of movies and TV shows that have seen production halted.

Johnson held a live Q&A on Instagram where he talked about his DC movie.

“I’m very excited about Black Adam by the way, I’ve been training very, very hard for that role,” said Johnson. “We were supposed to start shooting it in the summer, in July, and we’ll see. I’m not quite too sure if it’s still gonna happen – or, at least, if we’ll still start shooting in July but it will all work out the way it’s meant to work out.”

Black Adam has a December 22, 2021 release, so the flick is still a long way off, but it should be said, more than likely, the movie will have a lot of CGI, so there will be a lot of post-production work after filming is completed.

Regarding the possible delay, Dwayne Johnson was forced to stop filming on his Netflix movie, Red Notice, which also stars fellow DC actor Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, so Black Adam might have to wait until filming on Red Notice is complete.

Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

Coronavirus delays The Batman, The Matrix 4, possibly Black Adam, Flashpoint

What is probably worrisome for Dwayne Johnson if filming doesn’t take place at the specified times is that it could cause him to conflict with other projects he has, as The Rock is a super hot commodity in Hollywood.

Checking Johnson’s IMDb page reveals seven projects in the works, not including the Hobbs & Shaw sequel he also announced on the live stream, so that brings the total up to eight.

Speaking of Gal Gadot, Warner Bros. pushed the original Wonder Woman 1984 June release date back to August.

Regarding when everything will get back to normal surrounding the coronavirus is unknown, as President Trump extended the social distancing guidelines another 30 days until April 30.

Warner Bros. has also stopped filming on The Batman, The Matrix 4, The Flash TV series, Batwoman, Supergirl, and it’s thought filming on the Flashpoint movie might also be delayed.


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