Zack Snyder Films Profitable Confirms Former WB Exec

Greg Silverman sets the record straight on Twitter.

Greg Silverman sets the record straight on Twitter.

Zack Snyder Films Profitable Confirms Former WB Exec

A former Warner Bros. exec confirms a majority of the Zack Snyder films were profitable which includes all of Snyder’s DC movies.

Greg Silverman who started with Warner Bros. in 1997 and who served as an executive in production starting in 2013, shot down a Twitter user claiming the Snyder films weren’t a success.

Silverman tweeted WB lost money on Snyder’s Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and Sucker Punch, but that the rest of his films were “very profitable.”

The rest of the films include Snyder’s Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman, and Snyder produced The Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman.

Snyder also directed Watchmen at the time, and while not a box office smash, is thought to have been profitable due to the home and DVD market, as recall Snyder’s Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut was released.

I also know Man of Steel basically made all of its budgets back prior to the flick getting released due to marketing partnerships so everything after, minus the movie theater chains’ cut, is all profit.

The Snyder fans also claim that the Snyder Cut of Justice League on HBO Max is a success, even though it has been reported otherwise.

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What happened with Zack Snyder and DC?

So if Zack Snyder’s movies were profitable, particularly his DCEU slate, what happened?

According to various reports and insiders, Snyder butted heads with various execs who wanted his movies to make billions of dollars to match the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Snyder is also reported to have butted heads over execs with his direction of the DCEU and the characters.

Insiders at Comic-Con just filled me in on how Snyder butted heads with Geoff Johns over Aquaman, where Christopher Nolan stepped in and overroad Johns in favor of Snyder.

Zack Snyder is now at Netflix doing his version of Star Wars with Rebel Moon, where I have been told it’s Snyder’s Star Wars movie that he pitched to Disney that Disney turned down, and that Snyder and Nolan regularly met up with George Lucas at the Skywalker Ranch.

If it wasn’t for David Zaslav, I have also been told that Snyder could have come back to DC.

Worth a mention is that Zack also recently helped promote Blue Beetle.

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