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Zack Snyder Filming New ‘Justice League’ Scenes

Zack Snyder Filming New ‘Justice League’ Scenes

As expected, Zack Snyder will be filming new Justice League scenes for the “Snyder Cut” of his movie.

It’s learned that Zack Snyder has plans to film the additional Snyder Cut scenes starting in October that will bring back Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for new scenes.

It’s also learned the new Snyder Cut scenes will involve Ray Fisher as Cyborg for, according to THR, a week or so, which is amid Fisher alleging poor treatment on the Justice League set while filming with Joss Whedon.

Back in March saw Zack reveal that he wasn’t yet done with the CGI and had a lot of work to do, with rumors offering Zack Snyder has huge plans for the Snyder Cut.

It’s now learned those big plans involve the new scenes for his Justice League involving Ben Affleck back as Batman, Henry Cavill returning as Superman, which sounds like it is something in addition to his rumored new deal, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. The article at THR makes no mention of Jason Momoa returning as Aquaman or Ezra Miller as The Flash, so we have to assume the new scenes will not involve those actors and characters.

Snyder Cut Batman

Zack Snyder has huge plans for the Snyder Cut of Justice League

According to YouTuber Grace Randolph, back in March when there was talk of releasing the Snyder Cut right away, Grace offered Zack wanted to shoot new scenes that would please all fans, not just DC fans:

I’ve heard, again from my sources, that Snyder wants to shoot several new scenes that require VFX work… From what I’ve heard of what he wants to add, it will mean the difference between diehard fans having the satisfaction of finally seeing it versus piquing the interest of even the casual fans and naysayers. It’s that cool! He really has some cool ideas for what he wants to add to this.

And since he’s waited this long, I think he should hold off until he can do it the way he wants to. I mean the Snyder Cut has almost taken on like mythological proportions at this point. It’s a legend. You can imagine the intense pressure to live up to that legend. I think the additional stuff that he has planned, will allow him to do that for sure. Trust me. So the Snyder Cut, I think for the time being, is off the board.

Worth a mention is that Grace said the Snyder Cut was going to happen (as did I) and she interviewed Zack Snyder on her channel, so it’s really not hard to do the math.

The Snyder Cut gets released in four parts on HBO Max in 2021.