‘X-Men ’97’ Season Finale Sees 75% Rise In Viewership: Still Lower Than ‘What If’

Disney releases official numbers which we can compare to the two-episode premiere and 'What If.'

x men season finale ratings

X-Men ’97 fans finally get the validation they have been seeking in regard to viewership data on Disney+.

Disney reports that the season finale received 75% more views than each of the first two episodes that dropped at the same time.

However, the big question is whether that number is any good, as it appears as if X-Men ’97 still can’t beat What If.

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X-Men ’97 Season finale was watched for 3.5 million views

Back when X-Men ’97 debuted with its two-episode premiere, Disney reported the two episodes were watched for a total of 4 million views, so that averages out to 2 million views an episode.

Via Deadline, Disney reports the X-Men ’97 Season finale was watched for 3.5 million views globally in its first five days (an increase of 75% over the 2 million).

Disney also adds that viewership had been growing consistently over the four episodes leading to the finale (we know ratings for episode 6 are still really low).

x men 97 season finale 2

What about What If…?

Similar to Disney’s first announcement about the two-episode premiere viewership numbers, Disney again doesn’t state X-Men ’97 beat What If…? but only says it’s the “most-viewed full-length animation series finale since Season 1 of What If…?

We won’t know if the X-Men ’97 season finale will make the Nielsen charts for a few more weeks, but if it underperformed or is similar compared to What If…?, we do have the What If..? numbers to compare the two.

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What If…? Season 1 finale likely around 223 minutes (millions)

The What If…? Season 1 finale didn’t actually make the Nielsen charts, as at the time, the bottom was Hulu’s Only Murder in the Building with 248 minutes (millions).

However, we know the preceding episode did make the Nielsen charts with 223 minutes (millions), so it’s probably safe to assume the What If…? Season 1 finale is around that number, hence why it didn’t make the charts.

So if X-Men ’97 didn’t beat What If…? that puts X-Men ’97 around that 220 mark or so, which really isn’t all that good.

x men 97 season finale 4

What about What If…? Season 2?

Notice how Disney stated “full-length animation series” in the X-Men ’97 Season finale announcement?

Well, Disney dropped What If…? Season 2 all within a week’s timeframe, so likely, Disney is not including that as a “full-length animation series.”

What If…? Season 2 clocked in on the Nielsen charts with 513 minutes (millions), which included all nine episodes (and suggests those ratings aren’t good as well).

x men 97 season finale 5

Disney can’t afford to cancel X-Men ’97

If the ratings haven’t been all that good (it’s not just an “X-Men” thing, a majority of the Disney+ content isn’t being watched except for Bluey), why did Disney greenlight X-Men ’97 for two more seasons?

It’s my thinking that Disney can’t afford to cancel X-Men ’97 after one season as they develop the live-action X-Men movies for the MCU.

How would it look if X-Men ’97 was canceled after one season? It would be a complete disaster.

I found proof of my theory in Deadline’s article about the new writer on the MCU’s X-Men movie as notice how the reporter starts off the article: “EXCLUSIVE: Following the success of its animated series X-Men ’97, Marvel Studios is now ramping things up on its live-action X-Men movie…”

As I have gone over and over, X-Men ’97 isn’t a success when it comes down to the numbers.

You can also argue it’s the best review-rated Marvel project if you want, but The Marvels also happens to have more positive than negative reviews, and we all know how that worked out, so what’s that say?

What I am particularly interested in seeing is if any of those remaining episodes of X-Men ’97 make the Nielsen charts. It will also be interesting to see whenever Season 2 debuts (a ways off) if episodes make the Nielsen charts. I am also wondering if Disney will decide to drop Season 2 all at once instead of weekly (I bet X-Men ’97 would be huge on Netflix).

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