Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Likely Delayed Again: ‘Under Evaluation’


The Wonder Woman 1984 release date may be delayed yet again as star Gal Gadot reveals it’s under evaluation.

The possibility of another delay follows Warner Bros. indefinitely postponing Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, though a new release date for Tenet is said to be imminent, and pushing back The Conjuring 3 by almost a year.

Regarding the Wonder Woman 1984 release date, which currently sits at Oct. 2, Gal Gadot filled in Israeli television (via Twitter) that the situation regarding the WW84 release date and the COVID pandemic is being evaluated by herself, director Patty Jenkins, the producers, and Warner Bros.

Gal Gadot actually revealed that every two weeks they discuss the topic of a potential new release date depending on the situation surrounding the coronavirus.

Gal Gadot says she is informed that the next meeting about the Wonder Woman 1984 release date will be in two weeks and that although the situation is very complicated, it is not the most important thing at the moment, as what matters now is public health.

It’s noted that Gal Gadot emphasized that Wonder Woman 1984 can wait and will be released when things are safe.

The star also recently posted an image of herself on social media with the hashtag: #wearamask.

Gal Gadot wear a mask

Wonder Woman 1984 release date could get delayed again

Wonder Woman 1984 had an initial release date of June 1, which was pushed back to August 14, and most recently to Oct 2.

The notion that the WW84 release date could be delayed yet again follows a Disney film analyst offering movie theaters could be shut down well into next year which would mean no new movie releases for 2020 through mid-2021. California recently closed its movie theaters again and theaters have yet to open in New York.

Hollywood insiders have also filled me in about a big year gap of content as a result of the coronavirus shutdowns.

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