Tom Holland Destroys Andrew Garfield In Spider-Man Poll


Following the Tobey Maguire poll, now Tom Holland comes on top once again as his Spider-Man absolutely destroys the Andrew Garfield version.

Over 5,200 fans on our Facebook page voted with a whopping 83% favoring Tom Holland; Andrew Garfield only received 17% of the vote.

Tom Holland Andrew Garfield In Spider-Man Poll

Tom Holland is the overall choice as the favorite Spider-Man as Holland also topped Tobey Maguire with 68% of the vote to Maguire’s 32%.

Recently also saw the good news that Far From Home has passed a billion dollars at the box office; so assuming the rumors are to be believed, Tom Holland and Spider-Man will stick around the MCU and do at least one more Spidey film, which looks to have been set up in that Far From Home mid-credit scene. According to reports, Tom Holland signed on for six Spidey appearances in the MCU and has fulfilled five with Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War, Endgame and Far From Home.

Our next poll we have going is: Which movie is better? Infinity War or Endgame?

Infinity War Avengers Endgame poll

Tom Holland Spider-Man

Tom Holland is the fan-favorite choice for Spider-Man

“Garfeild was a great spiderman. Maguire was a good Peter. But Holland gives the best of both worlds,” a fan commented.

“Tobey for nostalgia, Garfield had a good suit, but as far as the dorky kid I picture when thinking of Spiderman/ Peter its Tom Holland hes a good Spiderman & Peter Parker plus even though hes older he looks like a teenager which makes it feel right for him to play the character,” another said.

“I think Garfields movies are the worst looking back. He just felt meh as Spider-Man,” added another fan.

“Tom Holland is the first actor to pull off both peter and spider-man imo,” another said.

“As Spider-Man, Andrew was near perfect. As the overall character of Spidey/Peter Parker, it’s Tom,” said another.

“I actually liked all three but my favs are Andrew and Tom. And out of those two I say Tom. Now that being said still waiting to see live action versions of Marvel’s other spider heroes such as Spider Woman(Jessica Drew), Spider Woman 2/ Arachne(Julia Carpenter), Silk, Spider Gwen, Spider Man 2099, and Miles Morales!” commented a fan.

“Garfield was a good spiderman but holland is the best spiderman,” said a fan.

“Tobey was a great Peter Parker but an a– Spider-Man. Andrew was a great spidey but an a– Peter. Tom is good spidey and a good Peter. Not great, but I’d take Tom because he has the better balance,” another said.

“Tom hands down. Not Andrews fault they were crap movies made by Sony and not marvel,” another commented.

“Tom wins over all hands down. Idk fat Toby Spiderman or too cool for school Andrew Spiderman. I know little dorky nerd kid Spiderman. Don’t care for the rest,” said another.

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man

Fans like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

“Andrew was the best Spider-man. He had the most comic accurate suit, the quips, they showed his struggles & using his brains making his own gear with limited resources. Tom is Spider-man by name only. He really doesn’t have the quips & he relies on Tony’s tech far too much,” said another favoring Andrew Garfield.

“I actually really like Garfield a lot. The first one to do more spider like stuff especially with the babbling and stuff,” added a fan.

“I like Tom Holland as the actor but the Spidey suit and special effects where far superior in the Garfield run. Garfield actually acted scenes in a suit, I dislike this current total CGI Spidey scenes,” said a fan.

“WHY??? People need to STOP choosing Tom Holland as their favorite Spider-Man. They don’t know what they’re doing!” offered another.

“Andrew Garfield I like better over Tom Holland Toby was good but my favorite was Andrew Garfield,” said another.

“I kinda prefer garfield as Parker but Holland is great, time to age him up because the whole spider kid thing is tired now,” a fan offered.