Tom Holland Crushes Tobey Maguire In Spider-Man Poll


Our Cosmic Book News Facebook poll series continues as this time Tom Holland wipes the floor with Tobey Maguire in regards to favorite Spider-Man.

With 5.4K votes cast, Tom Holland takes the spot as the top Wall Crawler with 68% of the vote to Tobey Maguire’s 32%.

Spider-Man poll Tom Holland Tobey Mcguire

Tom Holland is the newest version of Spider-Man having first appeared in Civil War, followed by Spider-Man: Homecoming, appearances in Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and recently Spider-Man: Far From Home. It is actually rumored that if Far From Home doesn’t hit a billion dollars that the character will be returning to Sony, but the latest box office numbers offer that doesn’t look to be happening. It has also been said that Holland has one more MCU movie in his contract, which will be for a Spider-Man 3.

Regarding Tobey Maguire, he played the Sam Raimi version of the web-slinger for three movies in the ’90s. A Spider-Man 4 was once in development which would have featured Vulture as the main villain with appearances by Bruce Campbell as Mysterio, and Shocker, Prowler, Rhino, and Stilt Man.

Tom Holland Spider-Man

Fans favor the Tom Holland Spider-Man over Tobey Maguire

“They’re both my favorite, but Tom Holland’s the best,” a fan commented.

“Not going to lie I, love both but Tom Holland is amazing as Spider-Man. Far From Home, in my opinion, was the best Spider-Man movie I’ve seen but you can’t hate on neither,” another said.

“How is this even a contest?” another fan questioned voting for Tom. “Holland hands down is the best Spider-Man. Toby’s version in whiney geeking and annoying while the movies are corny as Hell.”

“Holland is better than Maguire and Garfield,” said another.

“Can we forget about Spider-Man 3 jazz Peter?” another offered.

“Tom is the best by far sorry but his entrance was with the Avengers how you do better than that,” a fan said.

“Tom beats Tobey and Andrew both 10 times out of 10, and Andrew beats Tobey just as many times as Tom beats them both,” another posted.

“Tom. Tobey is classic but I like the fact that Tom can grow into Spider-Man,” another of our fans commented.

“I like Tom but I don’t like his suit. It should just be a normal suit and him using his own power and mind like the other Spider-Man have done,” another added.

“Tom Holland is the best all-around Peter Parker and Spider-Man,” read another comment.

Tobey Mcguire Spider-Man

Fans still like the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

“When it comes to Spider-Man, Tom Holland. When it comes to an actual movie I’d say Toby Maguire! Spiderman 2 is the best Spiderman film ever!” said a fan who voted for the Raimi version.

“Tom Holland is an amazing actor, but he’s not a good Spider-Man and that’s because of how the MCU has decided to write the character,” another fan wrote. “Tobey Maguire really represented what it meant to be Spider-Man. His life always sucked no matter what and he still got back up every time to be Spider-Man because that’s what it meant to be a hero. Plus he’s not in High School for the entire time just like comic Spider-Man. Plus Tobey Maguire had an Uncle Ben who taught him to be a hero, unlike Tom Holland’s character. And Tobey had many more flushed out supporting characters who weren’t there for forced comic relief like in Spider-Man Far from Home.”

“Tobey’s Spider-Man costume is spot on, both 1 and 2 movies blow Holland’s pc movies out of the water and Tobey plays a better Peter and well his MJ destroys his PC version of MJ,” commented another.

“Tom Holland doesn’t really capture Spider-Man all that well in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The ending scene with Spider-Man, Mysterio and the drones was the most Spider-Man scene we’ve had in the MCU. But if you really want to see Spider-Man betrayed the way he supposed to be, go watch Spider-Man 2 with Tobey Maguire and play Spider-Man PS4,” recommended another fan.

“How can people vote Holland when he always needs a wingman?” a fan questioned. “In Homecoming, he had Iron Man and in FFH, he had Nick Fury. At least original Spider-Man was independent!”

“Toby, Holland is borderline annoying,” said another.


What about Andrew Garfield?

Some fans have asked about the Andrew Garfield version and offer that is their favorite; so our latest poll now pits Tom Holland vs Andrew Garfield, which you can vote on here.

Spider-Man poll Tom Holland Andrew Garfield