Todd McFarlane Starts Casting Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane Starts Casting Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane announces he has begun casting on his Spawn movie, which sees him direct and having written the script in addition to being paired with Blumhouse Productions.

The artist also known for work on Marvel’s Spider-Man took to Facebook Live to reveal details including:

• Max “Twitch” Williams is being cast, described as having the most speech in the movie; Twitch is a nerd, a sharp-shooter and has a superior IQ.

• Todd McFarlane’s wife likes Gary Oldman as Twitch.

• They have a list of  50 actors that could fill the Twitch role, and they need to find out which ones have any interest and any time to do the Spawn movie as they want to start quickly.


• It’s learned Sam will not be in the movie as this is pre-Sam.

• They have a list of a dozen to 20 actors that can play Spawn.

• The Spawn movie will not feature the Clown or the Violator as the more dynamic stuff will be saved for the sequels.

• Todd McFarlane is planning on a Spawn trilogy that covers the origin and features a lot of stuff from the comics.

• Spawn will have his cape – might not see it all the time, but they are doing it.


• Todd McFarlane confirms he will have a cameo role.

• The runtime for the Spawn movie looks to be a hair under 2 hours.

• Regarding the possibility of a Spawn video game, normally if something is a success, you are approached about the possibility.

• The Spawn music score will be decided later.


• Todd McFarlane says he has not started working on the script for the sequels because there are two paths that can be taken at the end of the movie

• Todd is also hoping that the movie is a success so they can very quickly announce a sequel.

• Todd McFarlane will be also updating live on Facebook from the set each day.

Previous details revealed for Spawn also include that it will be rated-R, and a separate Sam and Twitch TV series is being developed by Kevin Smith for the BBC.

Watch the Facebook Live video with Todd McFarlane discussing the Spawn movie casting and more:

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