The Marvels Ends Box Office Less Than Birds Of Prey With China Factored In

The Message is loud and clear but which message is it?

The Message is loud and clear but which message is it?

The Marvels Ends Box Office Less Than Birds Of Prey With China Factored In

The Marvels officially ends its box office run at $205 million, the MCU’s lowest-grossing movie of all time, which is the same as DC’s big bomb, Bird of Prey.

However, if you actually factor in that Birds of Prey didn’t get released in China, The Marvels actually performs worse.

Hollywood also likes to blame Covid for everything, so we can add, according to that excuse, Birds of Prey would have made even more.

In China, The Marvels brought in $15.2 million, so take that away, and The Marvels is around $190 million.

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Sorry Disney shills: Aquaman also beats The Marvels

Something else to consider is that Birds of Prey only opened to $33 million while The Marvels opened to over $46 million, so that means the latter starring Brie Larson and Iman Vellani saw a steep, steep drop.

We know that is true as The Marvels holds the biggest drop for both an MCU film and a superhero movie of all time with 78.1%. Birds of Prey? Only dropped 48% in its second week.

Here is another one: The Marvels also played in theaters for two more weeks than Birds of Prey, which means more fanboys came out for Birds of Prey: The Marvels 56 days; Birds of Prey for 42 days.

I also love pointing this out because when The Marvels was released, the desperate Disney shill sites pointed out DC’s Aquaman 2 opened less. Well, Aquaman 2 is closing in on $300 million worldwide, and $100 million domestically in just 14 days of release, while again, The Marvels screened in theaters for 56 days. Talk about a bunch of clowns.

Disney also gave up on The Marvels weeks ago, as after less than a month of being released, Disney announced it was going to stop releasing and reporting on the box office numbers to the press.

Let’s also compare the budgets: The Marvels? Close to $300 million. Birds of Prey? $84.5 million.

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Will it matter?

Now the big question: Will these box office bombs change things and matter? The message from the fans is loud and clear: Make better movies and make movies that don’t piss on your fanbase.

That said, regarding DC, James Gunn is rebooting with the DCU and Superman: Legacy. An actress up for the role of Lois Lane recently said Lois is the one who saves Superman, has all the brains, and is the fearless one. What?

Regarding Marvel, it’s unknown what direction the MCU is going to go. Similar to both Star Wars and Doctor Who, will Kevin Feige double down on the woke messaging? Disney might not care if it makes zero money as long as they continue to push the agenda.

Doctor Who, now with Disney involved, continues to push The Message and continues to bomb. An exec at the BBC told fans it doesn’t matter because they have the Disney money now so stop watching.

For Star Wars, Lucasfilm is apparently moving forward with the new Rey movie that no one wants to watch (just like Birds of Prey and The Marvels.) The director of the film is some kind of woke activist who wants to send The Message to men, just like Birds of Prey and The Marvels. How’d that work out?

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