Disney Declares The Marvels Dead: Ends Box Office Run With Massive Loss

The box office numbers won't be released effectively meaning the flick has ended it's theatrical run.

Disney Expects The Marvels To Fail Through The Holidays

More bad news for The Marvels, the worst-performing MCU and superhero movie of all time, as it is learned Disney expects the film to fail through the upcoming Holidays at the box office which means Marvel and the film will suffer a massive loss at the box office.

Variety reports that things are so bad with The Marvels that after less than a month of being released, Disney is going to stop releasing and reporting on the box office numbers to the press.

The site reports that Disney has sent a memo to the press stating, “With The Marvels box office now winding down, we will stop weekend reporting of international/global grosses on this title.”

Typically, films see a boost at the box office during the Holidays as people are off and children are out of school so families like to go to the movies during Christmas. However, as Variety points out, Disney sending out the memo means Disney is not expecting The Marvels to generate notable revenue during the Holiday break.

It’s also known that families skipped out on The Marvels, little kids didn’t go to see it and girls and women especially also didn’t show up to see Brie Larson and Iman Vellani. Really, only the small amount of diehard Marvel stan fanboys went to see the film.

With Disney halting the release of the box office numbers that also means The Marvels has ended its box office run, again after only three weeks of being released which is unheard of for most movies not to mention the MCU.

the marvels movie

The Marvels is dead

Over the weekend, The Marvels plummeted to 11th place at the box office bringing in only $2.5 million in its fourth weekend and dropping another 60%, and it also performed terribly over the long Thanksgiving break.

The domestic gross is currently at $80.7 million, something the first Captain Marvel movie nearly doubled in its first weekend and beat out in its second day of release.

The Marvels’ current foreign gross is at $116.3M, compared to that of Captain Marvel‘s massive $701M.

The film also marks the biggest loss for Kevin Feige and Marvel as the budget is said to be nearly $300 million.

The Marvels box office:

DOMESTIC (41%): $80,735,186

INTERNATIONAL (59%): $116,300,000

WORLDWIDE: $197,035,186


Nov 10-12: $46,110,859

Nov 17-19: $10,120,589 -78.1%

Nov 22-26 (Thanksgiving 5-day): $9,102,113

Nov 24-26 (Thanksgiving 3-Day): $6,325,243 -37.5%

Dec 1-3: $2,509,000 -60.3%

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