Doctor Who Destroyed By Disney Just Like Marvel and Star Wars (Confirmed)

Returning showrunner and new Timelord Ncuti Gatwa confirm The Message being sent will be loud and clear.

Returning showrunner and new Timelord Ncuti Gatwa confirm The Message being sent will be loud and clear.

Doctor Who Destroyed By Disney Confirmed Just Like Marvel and Star Wars

Not a surprise but we have confirmation Disney has destroyed Doctor Who just like they did both Marvel and Star Wars.

A quick note regarding the failure of Marvel and Star Wars, Disney CEO Bob Iger has gone on record stating they are pulling back on both Marvel and Star Wars. You don’t do that if something is a success. To boot, a new Star Wars movie hasn’t been in development in six years, and for Marvel, The Marvels recently became the worst-performing MCU and superhero movie of all time, with there no doubt Kevin Feige’s Phase 4 and 5 has been a big failure.

Now it’s Doctor Who’s turn.

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Bait and switch

So Doctor Who was already on a big downward spiral with Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker. The ratings are the worst in the show’s 60-year history along with the writing. They injected politics ahead of quality story, which never works out.

Following the Chibnall and Whittaker era bombing, it was announced that Russell T Davies would be returning as showrunner, whose Doctor Who episodes are among the most beloved of the series. Great. It was thought Davies would be fixing Doctor Who bringing it back to its glory years that many grew up with and watched.

Then it was announced Doctor Who would be distributed internationally on the Disney+ streaming service. Okay. Fine. Disney is just going to distribute the show outside the UK.


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Russell T Davies doubles down

With Russell T Davies getting that Disney money, instead of fixing the show and returning to putting out quality content and story, the Disney money has allowed him to double down on all the garbage politics and politically correct messages which is also backfiring.

It’s even more “ha! slap in the face” drivel than the Chibnall and Whittaker era. It’s more about getting a message over than providing entertainment.

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Disney provides notes

Not only has the Disney money let Russell T Davies further destroy Doctor Who, but Disney is also directly involved with the series.

Back in January, Davies confirmed Disney has been providing him and the show notes, which caused him to change his original story and increase the budget because of the Disney money:

“They sent us a note on Episode One [of Ncuti Gatwa’s first series] that said, “That opening isn’t as much fun as the other episodes,” Davies revealed. “It was a great note. So I’ve written a new opening –”

“An expensive new opening,” Collinson added.

“and it’s broken everyone’s backs,” Davies continued. “But it’s absolutely worth doing.”

“It’s brilliant,” Collinson added.

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Disney giving Ncuti Gatwa a “big launch” and “big push”

Following the airing of the three specials on Disney+ featuring the return of David Tennant, Davies further confirms the influence Disney has on Doctor Who.

Disney is not only distributing Doctor Who but is providing money as part of a marketing budget. Davies revealed Disney didn’t bother promoting the David Tennant specials (because what they really are is bait and switch) but will give the new Ncuti Doctor Who a “big push“:

“It’s a soft launch on Disney+, the big launch is going to come with Ncuti’s first season. If you’re thinking why you haven’t seen great big adverts set across the world on Disney+, now that will come next year. They’re going to do the big push.”

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The message will be sent confirms Ncuti Gatwa

Regarding the message, Ncuti Gatwa recently filled in the Radio Times via The Daily Mail:

“As I say, I live in a very leftist, liberal bubble. And in fact, there’s a really great episode coming up next year where we lean into that.”

When asked if the show would directly address the Doctor’s race, Ncuti confirmed: ‘Yes, definitely. It would be stupid if we didn’t. 

‘The Doctor has always walked into unknown situations and taken charge with authority. Historically, there’s only really one demographic of people that are able to do that – and it’s certainly not a woman, and it’s certainly not someone black. Thank God, things are changing.’

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