The Marvels Breaks Another MCU Record: Worst Mon-Wed Box Office By Far

Fans aren't showing up for the film starring Brie Larson and Iman Vellani.

Fans aren't showing up for the film starring Brie Larson and Iman Vellani.

the marvels breaks mcu record worst monday box office

The Marvels has gone and broken another MCU box office record as now the film also holds the worst Monday box office in the entire history of the MCU.

The Marvels also holds the worst opening weekend at the box office with $47 million.

Monday saw The Marvels bring in $2,372,375.

The number is a lot less than Eternals, the previous worst MCU Monday, with $4,262,085.

The number is also upwards of nearly 70% less than other MCU films with low box offices including Incredible Hulk – $6,010,405, Ant-Man – $6,403,901, and Black Widow – $7,163,140; Shang-Chi‘s first Monday grossed $19,284,160 thanks to Labor Day.

Update: The Marvels also holds the worst Tuesday with $3,300,946 compared to Incredible Hulk‘s $4,801,850 and Eternals‘ $5,250,371. Movie theaters see an upswing on Tuesdays due to discounted ticket sales.

Update #2: Also worst Wednesday with $1,789,239; Eternals – $4,211,822; Inc Hulk – $4,503,925.

Update #3: The Thursday box office takes a massive dump.

The Marvels daily box office:

  • Thurs/Fri: $21,603,104
  • Sat: $15,260,052 -29.4%
  • Sun: $9,247,703 -39.4%
  • Mon: $2,372,375 -74.3%
  • Tues: $3,300,946 +39.1% (discounted movie tickets)
  • Wed: $1,789,239 -45.8%
the marvels brie larson iman vellani

What about DC?

The recent DC bombs including The Flash did better on its first Monday with $6,160,801; Black Adam – $4,502,706.

The Marvels only beat out the first Mondays of Shazam: Fury of the Gods – $1,691,328, and barely beat out Blue Beetle – $2,181,152.

The Marvels also barely beat out the first Monday of Birds of Prey – $2,160,176, and Sony’s Morbius – $2,126,392.

Fans have also given the flick a “B” CinemaScore which is tied as the lowest CinemaScore with Eternals and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. A “B” CinemaScore is considered horrible for a comic book movie.

the marvels villain

What happened?

The short of it is The Marvels features no likable superheroes and a script that couldn’t decided if it wanted to be something goofy or something more serious, much like what happened with Quantumania and Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Marvels also made the big mistake of going in the direction of being a direct sequel to the least-watched MCU Disney+ show, Ms. Marvel, instead of continuing the adventures of Carol Danvers in space and somewhat connected to Earth.

Brie Larson and Carol Danvers are thrown on the backburner in favor of the much less intriguing and popular Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, even though Larson, an Oscar award winner, and Danvers were featured in multiple billion-dollar Marvel movies.

The film also has no male leads, as I said absolutely zero testosterone, and the limited amount of men in the film literally do nothing the entire time and watch the girls do all the work. Read my full review here.

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