The Marvels Box Office: $47M Worst In MCU History

Performs even worse than MCU movies from 15 years ago.

Performs even worse than MCU movies from 15 years ago.

The Marvels Box Office: $47M Worst In MCU History

The Marvels is posting a $47 million opening box office weekend, the worst in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and on the lowest side of estimates.

Update: The box office is actually lower at $46.1 million.

That includes going all the way back to 2008 with The Incredible Hulk ($55.4M) and any of the MCU “Covid” era films with Black Widow ($80M), Shang-Chi ($75M) and Eternals ($71.2M).

The number is also less than DC’s The Flash ($55M) and Black Adam ($67M) both of which went on to finish under $400 million worldwide.

Captain Marvel in 2019 opened to $153 million and finished with over $1.1 billion at the box office. Its Friday alone ($61.7M) beat the entire weekend of The Marvels.

Internationally is just as bad, as The Marvels brought in $63.3M. It has gotten absolutely decimated in China as Captain Marvel opened with $89 million but The Marvels just $15 million.

A good portion of the Captain Marvel box office was from foreign grosses with $701 million, but The Marvels will not come anywhere near that.

Rotten Tomatoes has stayed pretty much consistent through the weekend. The Rotten Tomatoes Score is at 62%, which did get a bit of a boost to give it that “Fresh” rating. The Audience Score is at 84% which is likely due to the small amount of Marvel zombie fans going to see the film that like everything Kevin Feige feeds them.

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Blame game

Of course, the blame game is being played and excuses are flying higher further faster, baby.

On Twitter, men have been blamed for the failure of The Marvels. Well, men made up the majority of the audience with 65%.

The strikes are being blamed because the cast couldn’t promote the flick. I point to the director’s first interview where she doesn’t promote the film at all and has nothing good to say about it or the cast. She actually says a bunch of negative press about it and even that it’s not her movie.

Brie Larson is unlikable. Women don’t like her. They didn’t come out to “support” their fellow female.

Ms. Marvel is an awful character. The Disney+ show is the least-watched MCU series. Her comics always get canceled. The video games have failed. Kevin Feige made the mistake of making The Marvels a sequel to the Disney+ show instead of Captain Marvel 2.

Islamaphobia? I ask where are the Muslims? They didn’t show up. They don’t support her comics. They don’t support her video games. They’re the same as everyone else, the only phobia they have is a fear of garbage content.

Right-wingers are being blamed. Well, something like 75% of the audience that showed up for Captain Marvel didn’t show up for The Marvels. Did right-wingers write the story, direct, and produce the film? Maybe they should have. Nuff said.

Superhero fatigue is also being blamed. That’s just part of the blame game and what is really going on is people are sick of poor quality. Marvel hasn’t been the same since the Russos and James Gunn left. We can also add Jon Favreau and even Joss Whedon. Sorry, Kevin Feige isn’t who we thought he was. Sure Disney takes a lot of blame for pushing the agenda, but Feige let it all happen.

Up next is Young Avengers? Seriously?

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The Marvels box office:

Thurs/Fri: $21.5M

Saturday: $15.3M

Sunday: $10.2M

Domestic: $47M

International: $41.5M

Worldwide: $88.5M

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