The Marvels: Massive Thursday, Friday Box Office Dump

The drop is the lowest in the entire history of the MCU.

The drop is the lowest in the entire history of the MCU.

The Marvels: Massive Thursday Box Office Dump

The Marvels box office sees a massive Thursday box office dump which follows its Monday through Wednesday box office of this week being the lowest and the worst in the history of MCU.

Likewise, Thursday is just as bad — actually worse as it’s the lowest daily box office the flick has made to date.

The Marvels brought in only $1.25 million on Thursday (check out the dailies below).

Update: The second Friday brought in only $2.8M which is also substantially lower than any MCU film.

The first Captain Marvel movie’s Thursday box office closing in on the second weekend? Over $9.2 million. Second Friday? $19 million.

I’m starting to believe those conspiracy theories that Disney purchased tickets for Captain Marvel. Where’d all the fans go? 75% of fans didn’t show up for the billion-dollar sequel? Guess what fans didn’t show up? Mostly women, girls, and families didn’t show (#facts).

How about this for a stat: It took the first Captain Marvel movie 32 days to reach such a daily low box office number that The Marvels did in a week. WOW.

Check out a second Thursday comparison to other MCU films with a low box office and The Marvels isn’t even coming close:

  • Incredible Hulk – $4,189,140
  • Ant-Man – $4,707,439
  • Black Widow – $5,027,090
  • Shang-Chi – $3,908,701
  • Eternals – $6,243,758
  • Quantumania – $3,781,913

Second Friday:

  • Incredible Hulk – $6,665,335
  • Ant-Man – $7,252,683
  • Black Widow – $8,055,534
  • Shang-Chi – $9,628,206
  • Eternals – $7,839,828
  • Quantumania – $8,329,121
the marvels movie

Underperforming is the understatement of the year

The Marvels is also now underperforming compared to DC’s Blue Beetle, The Flash, and even Birds of Prey, as well as Sony’s Morbius.

To say the box office is a complete disaster for Kevin Feige and the MCU is the understatement of the year. Box office estimates are now offering to expect the second-weekend box office to plummet by 65% or so to $16 million.

The film cost north of $270 million to make.

The Marvels box office dailies:

  • Thurs/Fri: $21,603,104
  • Sat: $15,260,052
  • Sun: $9,247,703
  • Mon: $2,372,375
  • Tues: $3,300,946 (discounted movie tickets)
  • Wed: $1,789,239
  • Thurs: $1,251,387
  • Fri: $2,800,000

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